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Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by joesmom, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. joesmom

    joesmom Member

    Hi all!
    I thought that with all of the new members here, it would be nice to hear what everyone is in the process of doing with their collection. What holes are you trying to fill, what is it that you're currently trying to complete? I'll start....

    I am one of the many Morgan fans out there. I've only got a couple more to go to complete a date run, including the keys, before I'll go back and start upgrading some of my current holdings.

    I've always been drawn to Walking Liberty halves...the modest beginnings that I have from my father, coupled with some beautiful recent additions (thanks ND ;) ) have sparked a desire to start on a run of these beauties as well.

    I'm fascinated with silver 3 cent pieces. I've researched them but have had no luck so far in finding pieces that fit my criteria AND budget...oh well, some day.

    I've been working on a bullion/special set of anything dated 1997 (Joe's birthyear). Joe knows pretty much all of what I have with the exception of this little stash. Someday after his daddy & I are gone this will be a nice little surprise for him to find.

    All of the above makes up the bulk of my interest. But when it comes to Joe, he likes that darkside stuff! We've accumulated quite an impressive collection of various world coins...but far and away his favorites are the ones that are odd-shaped, squares and triangles in particular. It seems that he's rubbing off on me as I quite enjoy them also...and that I'm rubbing off on him, at the last coin show he carefully shopped for and bought his own very first Morgan (with his own allowance, he's quite the haggler with a pretty good eye).

    I'm also in the process of putting together year sets for important dates in our family...birthyears, our anniversary, the year Joe's great-great grandparents came in through Ellis Island, etc...as a sort of family time capsule to pass on to Joe one day. Nothing high end...more like what the pocket change would have looked like for those appropriate years. As I've completed each year I include a short story or letter explaining the relevance of that particular date in our family's history.

    Wow...when I spell it all out it looks like I dabble in quite a bit, LOL. I just thought it would be interesting to hear what sparks everyone's interest...what are YOU currently working on?
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  3. ziggy29

    ziggy29 Senior Member

    Nice thread!

    I'm currently working on three things:

    1. Certified AU-58 type set. It's slow going because I'm looking for particularly choice examples and they often get bid up halfway to the moon or sold before I see their listings from a fixed-price dealer site. Current progress is shown here (not self-promoting as these are not for sale!): http://homepage.mac.com/ziggy29/home/AU-58/

    2. XF/AU small cent collection, 1857-1933. I only have two holes left (1909-S Indian and 1909-S VDB Lincoln), though I do need to upgrade a few pieces. Current progress is here: http://homepage.mac.com/ziggy29/home/cents/

    3. I've just started a nice circulated (mostly VF/EF) Seated Dime set. I actually started this one when I was a teenager but didn't get far at all, and only in the last month have I decided to "resurrect" the project since most of these coins are not spiralling in cost like many other series are.
  4. joesmom

    joesmom Member

    Ziggy....I LOVE your site! That's quite an impressive collection that you have there, and I particularly like the way you've included historical information to go along with each coin. I could spend hours browsing through all of your goodies.

    Absolutely stunning *drool*
  5. kiyardo

    kiyardo Senior Member

    I'm currently working on completing my US Modern Proof Commemorative set in the original US Mint packaging. I've been working on this collection for about 8 years. All I need now is three of the four 1996 Olympic gold $5 coins. I need the Cauldron, Flag Bearer, and Stadium in their original Mint packaging. Anyone know where I can find these cheap?
  6. ziggy29

    ziggy29 Senior Member

    Thanks. I actually started imaging all my coins for insurance purposes, and then I also decided that if they would be in bank vaults (at least most of the better stuff), I wanted to create some way to present them so I could enjoy them even while they weren't in the house with me.
  7. the_highlander

    the_highlander New Member

    working on a bottle of whisky will let ya know how im doing later on
  8. Speedy

    Speedy Researching Coins Supporter

    I'm working on proof Franklin halves 1950-1963 all in PF-66 or a little better.
    I'd like to maybe start a Baber half collection.
    I'm 4 away from having a complete colection of Washington quarters 1932-date.
    I'm about 8 away from having a complete collection of Cents 1909-date.

    And just getting odds and ends that one day will be used to complete a collection.


    Are you doing a set of Morgans by date and mint mark or just one from each date??

    I too, like WL and am helping my dad complete part of that set..1935-1947 then will come the harder ones.
  9. sylvester

    sylvester New Member

    I'm working on too much to mention.
  10. susanlynn9

    susanlynn9 New Member

    Ziggy, I love the way you have organized your collection. I actually marked the link as a favorite so I can come back and look at it again. :)
  11. KLJ

    KLJ Really Smart Guy

    Although I don't limit myself in any way (except maybe $$), I have two things I work on. I have a full set of circulation Mercury dimes. As time passes I'm trying to upgrade the condition of my coins. The 1916D, 1921, and 1921D will probably be last (particularly on a pastor's salary). I'm also working in the same direction to build a Walker set. First I get all the dates, then I upgrade condition.
  12. joesmom

    joesmom Member

    Just one from each date at this point...to include each mint mark would severely limit my options when it comes to the other things that I'm pursuing due to the hefty price tag$ of some. Although I do have more than 1 mint mark for some of the years, but that's only beacuse there were a few that I just couldn't pass up. :)
  13. rick

    rick Coin Collector

    With the help of GD, I am working on gathering some bust spanish colonial pieces.

    I am also on the look out for issues from the swiss cantons and I pick up German fractional thalers when I see ones that suit my taste.

    Also, I am tinkering on a project to gather foreign notes backed in silver at the time of their issue, but that has been hard hunting.
  14. the_highlander

    the_highlander New Member

    i have my eyes on a 1847 gothic crown :p
  15. nesvt

    nesvt Coin Hoarder

    What am I working on? I should be working on self-control. I've bought a few too many coins this summer. Should have been spending my time gaining knowledge and not metal.

    My main focus is Morgan dollars. I was trying to complete a date set (one coin per year), but some are a little costly. I started getting involved with the VAM varieties. Trying to get different "types" of VAMs... like double dates, triple letters, double ears, die gouges, pitting, clashing, etc. Have collected quite a few on the Top 100 and Hot 50 lists.

    I completed a Peace dollar set and would like to upgrade a few of the coins.

    Also have partial sets of circulated Franklin halves and Mercury dimes.

    and lastly... trying to get a few other samples of coins. This is why I made several first time purchases yesterday... one 3 cent silver, a few large cents, a half dime, and a Liberty Seated half.

    Joesmom, you mentioned an interest in 3 cent silver pieces. Check out this beauty. Okay, I'm joking. I rescued it from the bottom of a junk box yesterday for a couple dollars.
  16. joesmom

    joesmom Member

    Wooo hooo, that's a beauty...LOL.

    It appears that we have similar interests...I LOVE my Morgans as well and I should be getting my VAM book in the mail any day now...my interest has been piqued.
    But then again, what's NOT to love about Morgans? :D
  17. pcrdnadave

    pcrdnadave Senior Member

    For the past 10 years (literally) I've been working on a Morgan Dollar set. I do not include the 1895. Right now I have two coins left to finish the set. The 1885-CC and the 1880-CC. It has been a great challenge doing this on the budget I have to work with and I will be thrilled when I'm done. One problem is that over the years I've grown much more picky in terms of what I like. It may be necessary to go back and fix a few earlier mistakes. When its finished, I may post pics of the entire collection for comment and because its a personal goal that will be proud to say I accomplished over a long period of time.
  18. ziggy29

    ziggy29 Senior Member

    That's a pretty banged up trime, but it's not very worn. It looks at least XF from a wear standpoint. Nice pick up for a couple bucks in a junkbox. :)
  19. Speedy

    Speedy Researching Coins Supporter

    joesmom ,
    I thought that is what you were doing.
    My sister's name is Morgan, so she thinks she should get all of my Morgans--so after she told me that, I started to sell and give some of them away! :D I know a guy that said that Morgans have alot of Die Cracks :D :D :D

    My dad is a pastor too! :)

  20. Robert

    Robert New Member

    I too am a Morgan fan and have working on my Dansco albums for about two years now. I'm trying to keep the coins in XF condition at least. Tuff to do considering the cost of some of the keys. I am lacking 12 coins as of right now. I don't think I will ever own the 89-cc, 93-cc, 93-s, 94 and of course the 1895 proof only. I have dipped to the VF grade for 3 coins so far. Sure is fun hunting.
  21. nesvt

    nesvt Coin Hoarder

    For the Morgan lovers.... mostly VAM folks....
    I just got a 1921-D VAM-1AT delivered in the mail about an hour ago.

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