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Discussion in 'Frequently Asked Questions' started by jody526, Jan 30, 2005.


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    Hmmmmm, let me get this straight. You guys all think that ebay, or any company of your choice, should provide you and everybody else with a way to reach potential buyers all over the world, providing you with a marketplace that is unsurpassed, and they should provide you with a way for all those potential buyers to pay for their purchases instantly meaning you never have to wait for your money or worry about cashing checks or money orders without you ever leaving your house let alone going to the bank - and you think they should do all this for what ? For free ?

    Please - any one of you go find me the place or company that allows you to do any of this, at any price, let alone for free.

    And by the way - what did any of you do, how did you sell your coins - before ebay existed ?

    With all due respect, you need to wake up and smell the coffee. You've never had it so good.
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  3. djbuna

    djbuna Member

    GDJMSP SAID: "And by the way - what did any of you do, how did you sell your coins - before ebay existed ?

    With all due respect, you need to wake up and smell the coffee. You've never had it so good. "

    ...and I agree!!!
  4. Siggi Palma

    Siggi Palma Well-Known Member

    I just started to sell on ebay about a month ago, I had so many warnings about using ebay. I must say i´m surprized how well things have gone. Sure some coins have not sold for the price I thoght I would get but still not very far from it. I got some advice from people that made my selling safer and what I have found is that some coins are just not that popular and will not sell for alot and others are something people will fight over. I would think that is how the buisness goes in every buisness. I do some research on the coins I want to sell. If I see many bids on other coins I put it up if not I just keep it for later.

    All in all ebay and paypal have been good to me and no problems at all with buyers. Ebay has given me a tool to work with and no its up to me to find out what sells and what does not sell.

    Customer service did a good job answering a question I asked.

  5. bigdeals_au

    bigdeals_au Junior Member

    ebay is inhuman

    Yeah. ebay customer service is nothing but a machine, all e-mails were sent with scripts without emotions. i believe most collectors like me will prefer to buy from human beings not machines like ebay which is inhuman. in auction, there is such thing as suspension or block. you pay i sell, i sell you buy, anyone who pays get to buy/sell. inhuman ebay just discriminate anyone whom the system deems a violation of policy. human interations banzai!
  6. Drusus

    Drusus Pecunia non olet

    Thats odd because I have had long conversations with sellers I buy from on ebay...human beings...You see ebay is a marketplace where human beings sell to other human beings. If there is something crappy going on...9 times out of 10 I find its because of human beings being all too human.

    RUFUSREDDOG Senior Member

    What he said

    My experiences are along the same lines.

    My very 1st selling experience lucked me into a buyer with a great deal of his own usage of the the eBay system and sympathy of my pathetic knowledge. He taught me some stuff, was patient when I messed up his order and helped me get my new account untangled from my son's account.

    And HE was the "customer"!:eek:
  8. Siggi Palma

    Siggi Palma Well-Known Member

    I dont get what your talking about none human, Customer service was human. All my buyers that have contacted me have been great and with no problems at all. I think what you have to do with ebay is no it´s limits and what to do and not to do. I dont care it it´s a machine that answers my question as long as they get answered as best they can.

  9. Pick-a-nik

    Pick-a-nik Junior Member

    I'd agree with you that they are asking too much for the coin, but they are correct the Cherry Pickers Guide does list this variety as urs 5 which it defines as 9-16 coins known. There are considerably more than that of course, I own more than that many myself, although the large s variety is considerably scarcer than the regular small s variety (except the inverted small s variety). I'd give the seller the benifit of the doubt on this item and say they have bad info. from Cherry Guide and not alot of experience with particular variety.

    As for Ebay alternative sites: try Ebid.net -a seller's dream compared to Ebay although not enough traffic.
  10. Wheaties

    Wheaties Junior Member

    Ebay is not worth it often! When you are selling a large quantity of items for a dollar profit each, the fees cover that, so you are then either losing money or breaking even, plus all of the time!!!
  11. itsallngoodtime

    itsallngoodtime Beachhunter

    I've had some good sales on ebay to but they aren't there to protect the seller at all. Policy changes and the new policy thats will start in OCT the one where there will be no insurance to protect you the seller, yes you can as the seller buy insurance but the buyer has to file the forms and if they don't or won't you lose everything. Thanks ebay because of this I will no longer sell on ebay brcause some people will just rip you off period!!!!
  12. snick

    snick Junior Member

    I buy and sell on ebay. If you know what you are getting into up front, you can still make a buck and find a few deals
  13. giorgio11

    giorgio11 Senior Numismatist

    Also try the Numismatic Dealers Den www.numismaticdealers.net

    It's for collectors as well as dealers despite the name, and they have a separate Auctions area. Fast-growing site, and all FREE!

    Best Regards,

    VDB Coins
  14. ffrickey

    ffrickey Junior Member

    What is the problem with PayPal? I've noticed a lot of European dealers don't accept PayPal--or accept it only for overseas purchasers. What fees do they charge sellers?
  15. jello

    jello Not Expert★NormL®

    Ebay is get bad
  16. BNB Analytics

    BNB Analytics New Member

    Ebay = good for sellers bad for buyers
  17. Coinman_Ben

    Coinman_Ben Member

    I can understand why some people don't like ebay, I, too sell on ebay and their fees do get alittle out of hand sometimes, especially when selling low end coins. My suggestion to anyone trying to sell common coins such as common date Mercury dimes or any other common coins is to sell them by the roll or at least in lots of multiple coins that way you absorb the fees alittle better. Also, don't look at ebay as you're complete business, you should develop an off-ebay portion to your business for your repeat customers by asking each customer if their are any other coins on their "want list" and than ask for their permission to alert them once you've acquired a coin on their want list. The offline version of this strategy being put into practice is when a coin dealer at a coin show gives you his business card and takes your want list, so it is a perfectly legitimate strategy, it's just more common in the offline world than it is online.

    By the way, I'm on at least three mailinglists from sellers I've met on ebay who got my permission to send me emails updating me on the new coins they've acquired, so this is a perfectly legitimate strategy, you may feel uncomfortable about doing it for the first few times, but after awhile, it'll become more natural.
  18. jello

    jello Not Expert★NormL®

    Ebay seller are at the mercy of the bidder.a seller came not leave bad feedback no matter what the buyer has done.that not fair& the fee are getting to high to sell anything!!!
    that my 2 cents
  19. giorgio11

    giorgio11 Senior Numismatist

    Agree completely Jello, that's why I've had it too and am working on my own website.
    See www.VDBCoins.com, it should be up and running by Oct 10th. There will be some nice Kennedy halves on there too! Good to hear from you.

    PS Anyone else who has had enough of eBay, STOP BUYING FROM THEM. You will be able to buy coins from dealers' websites cheaper than on eBay. Buy It Now, not Auctions. Yes, you may get bargains in the short term, but in the long run that is not a supportable business model. If you have dealers you like and trust, support them and put eBay OOB where they belong. Thanks for listening :loud:!

    Best Regards,

  20. Gail

    Gail Junior Member

    Another auction site


    I also sell on ebay and the fees are ridiculous. I however dont charge a lot for shipping because I don't like to rip people off but that means I also take a loss. Since January of this year I have paid ebay $1,120 in listing and final value fees. Anyway I came across this site today and they dont charge any other fees except a monthly fee which for example is $29.95 for 50 listings a month and it goes up from there. They also give you a free subscription for a year so I'm going to put a few things on there and see how they do. The site is www.seeauctions.com if anyone has sold or bought off this site please let me know how it is. Thanks!
  21. giorgio11

    giorgio11 Senior Numismatist

    eBay is practically forcing buyers to offer free shipping in order to get the highest search rankings. But even if you charge for shipping, you are at the mercy of bidders who are mostly bottom-feeding. Reasonable Buy It Nows get ignored so that the cheapest auctions sell--and as you say, Gail, the seller takes a loss. There are dozens of reputable coin dealers out there, myself included. eBay cares about none of their survival.
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