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Discussion in 'Frequently Asked Questions' started by jody526, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. tommyc03

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    When I first started on Ebay in 2002 all was well. Fees were reasonable,etc. I was able to sell many small collectibles that I had accumulated over 40 years and this really pleased a lot of people. I can no longer do that unless they run a 10 cent listing special due to their unbridled greed. I continue to use them for more valuable items but have to list smaller items in bulk lots, which means I have to throw in items some would not want, crossing my fingers they MIGHT sell. It has not worked well so I am now in the process of the arduous task of trying to set up my own site.
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  3. Sholom

    Sholom retired...

    Well, I certainly understand that CoinTalk might not be the place for a eBay tutorial, but is the following analysis OK -- suppose I have some very cheap items, start the bidding at .99 -- then fees are: $0.15 for insertion and then 8.75% of the initial $25.00, and photos free via Auctivo . . . so if I sell an item for, say, $3, put the photo on Auctive for free, then fees are $0.41?
  4. mruetz

    mruetz Junior Member

    Shalom- The Auctiva site interfaces with eBay in 2 primary ways, first with your eBay password and your account Auctiva is able to post listings for you. This handles the picture hosting, you can set-up templates etc. It also can handle check-out. This requires you to set up something on the eBay side to let Auctiva do the check-out function. This is how it is able to do the insurance handling. I prefer the Auctiva insurance because there is nothing I need to remember to do when shipping the package. the insurance is automatically included.
  5. jody526

    jody526 New Member

    Lots of knowlegable folks here, but you are probably right.
    The folks that frequent the eBay Coins and Paper Money discussion board should be able to answer any, and all, questions you have.

    Click Here[http://forums.ebay.com/db1/forum/Coins-Paper-Money/8
  6. Numiscent

    Numiscent Member

    Sholom, you may also want to look into Inkfrog as an alternative to Auctiva i you don't mind paying a monthly subscription. I'm not sure what sorts of free service Auctiva offers, but as a seller I pay Inkfrog $10 a month for having the any auction template I want and display my pictures as large as I want right there on the auction page. The scrolling gallery of other items in also available in a box form which I like, and that also goes right on my auction page. Between free scheduling and free images, I easily save the $10 a month that I pay, and in exchange I get the exact layout that I want.

    You can see an example in any one of my auctions. I don't want to use this as an excuse to advertise them, so I won't post a link. My eBay name is the same as here though.

    One thing that annoys me about Auctiva is that when you click on thumbnails to view larger images, you are taken away from the auction page and onto a pointless Auctiva page.
  7. LincolnBUrolls

    LincolnBUrolls Junior Member

    Auctiva is okay to use. Only issue I ever had is that once your item is listed, if you have to go back through Ebay to change the nomenclature, I could not get into the edit for the description field. All other fields seemed to come up for edit but not the description field.
  8. Numiscent

    Numiscent Member

    I know eBay makes the description unchangeable once there are bids left or less than 12 hours remaining. Is it possible this is the reason it happened to you?
  9. mruetz

    mruetz Junior Member

    Good thing about Auctiva, it's free.

    Question: Anyone else use Auctiva insurance? Seems like a good and have used it but have never had to make a claim. Has anyone had to file an Auctiva insurance claim?
  10. Arizona Jack

    Arizona Jack The Lincoln-ator

    I use Auctive exclusively to list my items. I do admit to having slowed on Ebay to a crawl, but it is convienient, free, up to 12 pics, and I can schedule listings easily, sometimes weeks in advance.

    I have no issues to report.
  11. SNDMN59

    SNDMN59 New Member


    When i see a item i like, i enter save. Then i e-mail the seller , and ask if he will accept a money order. about 90%
    says they will . If the item is ok, i enter him in favorite sellers and make a note accepts money order . At this time i have 7 saved.:eating:
  12. Sholom

    Sholom retired...

    Just curious . . . why do you prefer this to paypal? (I use paypal -- it's quick and easy as a buyer. Plus . . . in all my transactions, I had one dispute. The seller was unresponsive until I filed a "paypal dispute form" (or whatever it's called) and the seller then refunded immediately).
  13. Numiscent

    Numiscent Member

    I know of many buyers who don't want to get involved with paypal, whether it be allowing Paypal to have access to their financial accounts, not being in control of Paypal's actions, or just having to deal with one more different thing not as straight forward as sending a money order. Just like some sellers have a bad experience with Paypal where they get taken for hundreds, buyers can have a host of problems that are out of their control.

    I agree that there is a certain level of protection typically offered with using your credit card through Paypal over a check or money order in the case of a dispute. However, educated buyers like SNDMN59 notice that you can typically weed out most of the bad apples just by looking at feedback, an also by getting a feel for them through their email communication.

    By the way, when using Paypal, I recommend always using a CC over a bank account so you have them to back you up. Don't trust that Paypal will take care of you. They are neither on the buyer or seller's side...they are on Paypal's side. Paypal is one of the greediest, most unethical companies I have ever dealt with. And I haven't even been burnt, so I am not speaking out of bitterness. I just see all of their subtle decisions made for one sole purpose: getting as much money as they possibly can.
  14. mruetz

    mruetz Junior Member

    PayPal is owned by eBay and I have never had problems with the service. It is a bit heavy-handed that eBay now requires you to use it or have your own credit card processing. Maybe this has something to do with all the money order fraud or they just want to collect more fees.
  15. Sholom

    Sholom retired...

    FWIW, I've had a paypal account for >10 years . . . since before eBay owned it. I've never had a problem, not even a whiff of a problem.

    And I had one good experience . . . when I asked for a refund on an item, and demanded that the postage part get refunded before I sent it back -- the seller complied and I saw it reflected in my account within 2 minutes. I'm not sure how I could've done that, that quickly, without paypal.
  16. SNDMN59

    SNDMN59 New Member

    E-bay reply

    I like to usea money order because i have the receipt to show that i actually paid for it, also i do not give bank information on the internet,
    Another dealer e-mailed me back and said yes to a money order .When i
    get a positive yes on money order i put in a file under e-bay money orders, this way if i win a bid or buy it now i have proof of the transaction. And last i dont think its right to be told you must or should use pay pal in this situation.:secret:
  17. Sholom

    Sholom retired...

    I'm certainly not trying to convince anyone to use any particular method of payment. It's good that there are different choices for different styles.

    But I do want to note that paypal emails you a receipt, and a transaction number, etc., and so one has a receipt with any payment made.

    I just like being able to pay for an item 30 seconds after winning an auction, without having to go to a bank, or writing a check, or using a stamp, or whatever.

    But, hey, to each his/her own.
  18. SNDMN59

    SNDMN59 New Member

    I agree a 100% whatever a person is comfortable with .
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  19. Numiscent

    Numiscent Member

    SNDMN59, if you collect Lincoln Cents, you can add Numiscent as one more to your list of eBay Sellers who accept Money Orders. I will always prefer a money order over Paypal, and gladly welcome forum members! There's nothing I enjoy more than spiting eBay/Paypal's nazi payment method policy.
  20. SNDMN59

    SNDMN59 New Member

    Your on my list tank you very much.
  21. SNDMN59

    SNDMN59 New Member

    i meant thank you
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