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Discussion in 'Frequently Asked Questions' started by jody526, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. satootoko

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    [​IMG] to CoinTalk mmh.

    Morgans and Peace Dollars are among the vast majority of US coins that I don't collect, but if I did I'd certainly use your site quite often. Congratulations on a well done job.

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  3. vipergts2

    vipergts2 Jester in hobby of kings

    stupid ebay question

    How can I block a particular bidder if I want or need to? Thanks for any help.:hug:
  4. jaytant

    jaytant Active Member

  5. Philly Dog

    Philly Dog Coin Collector

    is a reserve and a min. bid the same?
  6. vipergts2

    vipergts2 Jester in hobby of kings

  7. Troodon

    Troodon Coin Collector

    Not necessarily... a seller can set a reserve bid as the prince which is the lowest he's willing to sell the item (not shown to buyers) but set a lower minimum bid below that. If the auction ends and the highest bid is lower than the reserve bid, he can refuse to sell the item if he chooses within eBay rules (also has the option to sell to the highest bidder anyway or negotiate a price with the highest bidder).

    If you set no reserve, effectively the minimum opening bid is the reserve.

    GDJMSP Numismatist Moderator

    Not sure I understand why, but OK. Here try this link - Blocking A Bidder - just make sure you sign in to ebay.
  9. vipergts2

    vipergts2 Jester in hobby of kings

    Sorry, I meant I looked around before jaytant posted the link for me. I got it done right away with the link.
  10. trixncap

    trixncap Junior Member

    Ive a had buyer not pay for an item. I lost $550 to their policys. Never will i sell on ebay or buy. Their are a lot of other online auction sites. And aways i stay away from Paypal.
  11. Digenes

    Digenes Just a collector

    Some thing I haven't noticed mentioned about Ebay and PayPal, is that doesn't Ebay own PayPal?
    If this is true and they require a seller use PayPal is this not a form of running a monopoly? If so I am surprised someone has not filed an antitrust suit against them yet.

  12. rlm's cents

    rlm's cents Numismatist

    Yes, eBay owns PayPal, bu t they do not require its use. All they require is electronic card payment so they can force a refund if needed.

    Antitrust, you must be kidding. Read them some day.
  13. Arizona Jack

    Arizona Jack The Lincoln-ator

    They have
    Australia VS Ebay/Paypal

    Austriala won even if I can;t spell it
  14. rlm's cents

    rlm's cents Numismatist

  15. wreidjr

    wreidjr New Member

    I agree about ebay. I sold my last coin there last May. It's a shame that ebay became so greedy and made so many changes. wreidjr
  16. jmpearso

    jmpearso New Member

    I have only had a problem with Paypal, not ebay...yet. I still buy a bunch of things but I do some research before I buy. I also still sell a ton of things, never been burned yet, but then again I might be lucky.
  17. Digenes

    Digenes Just a collector

    Personally, I have more luck with just calling my credit card company then trying to get anything done with paypal. Last time I got a non-delivery after paying, paypal didn't do a thing. I finally called my CC company after 20 days (before the 30 day mark) to get my CC company do do a charge back.

  18. mruetz

    mruetz Junior Member

    Recently, eBay has disallowed accepting checks and Money Orders and is forcing sellers to use PayPal or a credit card. So if you don't want to pay the PayPal fees you are pretty much out of luck.
  19. Sholom

    Sholom retired...

    I see ads for Auctiva as a no-cost alternative (free image hosting, e.g.) to some of the stuff that eBay charges. Anyone here have any experience with it?
  20. mruetz

    mruetz Junior Member

    I use Auctiva quite a bit. Great image hosting with Supersize photos and the scrolling auction carosel. Sometimes the system is a bit slow and have problems with their auto-posting during busy times (e.g Sundays.) They also have their own insurance system which is cheaper than USPS, I use but haven't had to make a claim yet.
  21. Sholom

    Sholom retired...

    Thanks for the input. I think I might try it. I'm having a hard time figuring out conceptually how it interfaces with eBay, but I suppose if I read the instructions I'll figure it out.

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