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Discussion in 'Frequently Asked Questions' started by jody526, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. Mike Thorne

    Mike Thorne Well-Known Member

    Actually, prices for generic coins are really low right now, so the prices you see on eBay may be spot on. Use the advanced key to check on what the coins are actually selling for. You may well decide that now is a time to be buying.
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  3. daveydempsey

    daveydempsey Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know what happened to the OP of this thread @jody526
    He`s not been here for 6 years, he used to post on the eBay C&PM forums but also stopped.
  4. oz_in_ohio

    oz_in_ohio Active Member


    They are not selling at 2.99...They are starting them off at 2.99 or less to hook the bidders in to make that first bid.... Then there is a possibility that those coins are sold.. I personally agree with them as our kids have no interest in numismatics and selling items for a cheap price is better than throwing in the trash by our kids in the future when we are dead... I start my stuff out at .99c and with a reasonable B.I.N so as the average ebay buyer is so greedy and wants things for nothing , that 99c hooks them in and i get rid of my rubbish...I never place in there slabbed items as ebay is not worth having that good stuff...The buyers want to pay nothing for items so in my eyes, they get rubbish ..I have been in there for about 17 years now and i can honestly say e bay bidders are simply parasites...Start low and get the 1st bid there and let it work for you....If you dont want to start low, then the only winner is ebay as they have your listing fees and you will not sell items...Have a nice day..OIO
  5. Koin Nut

    Koin Nut New Member

    So my question then is (because what you have said is what I was thinking) where in the devil do you sell your coins? Yes I know about the good stuff, slab it and do it at an auction! But what about stuff you want to sell raw? I bought rolls of stuff over the years that are uncirculated (example 1976d not rs, but would grade out near the top) pcgs says $65 for examples like mine. So again without a grading service and just selling them raw (like the good old days, before grading services became the rage) where does a guy go to get an acceptable price? I’m agreeing with you, I’m just looking for ideas! Thank you in advance for your answer! And you too have a good day!
  6. Koin Nut

    Koin Nut New Member

    FS not rs like the autocorrect did
  7. oz_in_ohio

    oz_in_ohio Active Member

    I never buy rolls...I buy coins by the pound or weight in coin shops. The rubbish the shop owners are too lazy to go through and place in books for kids to buy. I then go through it and anything i dont want i offload online....Then i list up the stuff i keep for 99c with a buy it now of 5.00 each or so and that makes money for my good collection. As so many people out there are stingy and dont like paying more for anything...I feel the entire hobby has gone like that and i melt all gold and silver i get if not key dates. But we have to cater for the beginners.... Just like the medal in my picture...The highest i have had for that is $102.00 on ebay. If you look carefully, they are advertised for 20.00 each or so ...Guess mine was the only one up at the time... I buy them between 12.00 to 15.00 per item and no one went broke making 30% profit
  8. Koin Nut

    Koin Nut New Member

    I can tell you have a great amount of knowledge! I appreciate your input greatly! I have not purchased coins in a long time. I’ve been out of the coin hobby for many years with kids/work/family thing. But as I started this post out this is from the collection I acquired from when I started at a young age. Plus my Father and Mother were collecting through the years. I inherited the rolls when they passed away. Have multiple rolls of different years. Many from very great years. That’s what bothers me. I have these mint coins that I would like to sell but not “give away” ! That’s why I was looking for advice on where else might a person sell his coins other than the people on eBay. Again, thank you for your advice!
  9. oz_in_ohio

    oz_in_ohio Active Member

    First of all both coins on each end have to be unc....NO SCRATCHES OR WEAR.....
    In australia, we have what is known as RAM Rolls and then we have just re wrapped rolls.....Personally as a retired dealer, i would not buy rolls as so many people re wrap from the original wrappers and keep the majority of mint stuff for themselves to sell separately..... If i were you i would buy some 2 x 2 coin foldres as when you take the coin out of the roll, technically it will be handled...In my personal opinion, nothing is UNC unless it is in a an unopened set..... I personally would take them to a dealer and just sell them off as the worry that you may get $5 more elsewhere is not worth the effort....Just remember the dealer has to earn something as well so if you want full retail price, i suggest you open a shop, pay for all advertising on line and in newspapers, place the items for sale and then when sold them all, close the business. Too many people with items handed down from previous genserations these days are way too greedy and dont want the person buying them to earn a thing....You could also place them into auction but you will wait 6 months for your money and of course the auctioneer may take 33% out for his/ her fees. You will be the best judge.....Or you can do as i did and have just over 40+ years of experience behind me in the coin and stamp field and sell them off at coin shows on your own stall...
  10. BooksB4Coins

    BooksB4Coins Newbieus Sempiterna

    Never just assume a coin will grade at a certain level or "near the top" simply because it was bought as "uncirculated" or even came from an original roll, and is especially true if trying to place a realistic value upon them. Judge each individually.

    What type of rolls are you talking about? Generic BU, OBW, circ put-togethers, or...?
  11. oz_in_ohio

    oz_in_ohio Active Member

    They obviously dont know but we all have to assume they are circ put togethers....
    Where i am from only BU are in rolls and that is what i grew up with
  12. BooksB4Coins

    BooksB4Coins Newbieus Sempiterna

    Again, Oz; reading comprehension is a virtue.
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  13. oz_in_ohio

    oz_in_ohio Active Member

    Again Books: What ever you say dear!!! ( in a condescending tone )
  14. Koin Nut

    Koin Nut New Member

    Thank you all for all of your input! Appreciate it!
  15. Justawesome

    Justawesome Active Member

    Wish more people believed this - i'll be adopting this. Integrity > the Almighty $$$
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  16. Justawesome

    Justawesome Active Member

    Quick question, sorry relatively new.. I use Ebay for filler coins that are graded but it wouldn't be worth the investment for me to send them off myself. I've found i can save good money on the low end stuff (not totally low end) Example: last week instead of sending in 6 nickels, 1) 1950 D MS65FS, i paid the $24. The 1971D MS65, 6FS cost me 9.99.. and so on, these are just some cheap examples but no need to get into all of them but if i can get the same or better great already slabbed then i buy from the Bay.
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  17. Heavymetal

    Heavymetal Well-Known Member

    For integrity see my avatar
  18. carpman98

    carpman98 Active Member

    eBay charges their fees now (and for the past several years) on the price realized in the auction + the shipping costs, unlike the scenario you have proposed. It was for this exact reason that the idiots who thought they would always get away with that, caused higher costs for the 90%+ of the honest sellers who tried to be fair.
  19. BooksB4Coins

    BooksB4Coins Newbieus Sempiterna

    Feel free to take whatever tone you want. Those with the ability to process what they read already grasp the obvious.

    Let's think about this one, shall we?

    So according to you we somehow have to assume the mentioned rolls contain circs because "BU" coins come in rolls? Brilliant!

    Seriously, Oz; does this make even the slightest bit of sense?
  20. gary hunter

    gary hunter New Member

    I have so far liked eBay for buying and selling. Basically because they have put coin many shops out of business. Its the new way. I don't like it but I must adapt. As the Borg would say ( resistant's is futile)
  21. Kentucky

    Kentucky Supporter! Supporter

    Are you from Oz? Uncirculated is a grade whether you find it on the street or in a grandfather clock in an attic. Coming from a roll of uncirculated coins you would probably get a better one, but they ALL are uncirculated.
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