Went to CoinX in Colorado Springs yesterday...

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by Kurisu, Jun 26, 2022.

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    I took my time from the Denver area and got there around 11 to meet a friend and walk around with no agenda whatsoever.
    Bumped into a few folks I knew and a whole lot of dealers I had never heard of. Spoke to a bunch of folks and found at least a couple "dealers" who got tables but didn't even have cards or websites or stores lol! I thought that was kind of fun.
    I brought a few Broncos coins again too.

    I did not expect to see the So-Called Dollar table there...had some fun speaking to Jeff and Cecilia for some time...and finally bought it!!! Saw Jeff with Bill at the So-Called Dollar table a couple months ago in the Springs and immediately fell in love with their new book. It's also got a wonderful Daniel Carr coin mounted in the cover! And it's my first ever Daniel Carr piece too. Oh yeah, I also got the pocket guide for being such a sweet guy :p. Jeff and Cecilia now have one of those Broncos coins too :joyful:


    I threatened to buy that book last time when Bill and Jeff gave me a wonderful little schooling in So-Called Dollars. I'll be looking for an excuse to start collecting them lol. My friend opened the book and spotted this gem, which Jeff then turned around and pulled from a box.


    I did one of my usual things and asked EVERYONE I met if they had or spotted any good rolls lol.
    I found one. $2 over value at $12. At least I found a good one, now I have two of these same shrink wrapped rolls!


    Ran into a couple of familiar gentleman who run coin clubs and more... a Mr. Jerry Fritz and Mr. Cupper who were both just wonderful when I introduced them to my brand new coin collecter friend when they gave her some fantastic collecting and grading information besides letting her choose from some gorgeous BU encapsulated Tuskegee and Maya quarters!
    They both own a Broncos coin now...though Jerry was reluctant because he's a Packers fan lol!

    I didn't take a ton of photos but this one caught my eye and I had to take another look on the way out.


    As a brilliant finish to the show I took my friend over to the Money Museum
    By the way, the Harry Bass Gallery is no more as of the end of this month
    I took a ton of photos of the collection last time I went. This time I just took a few and had to leave back for Denver while I left my friend to it...she stayed and had some drooling alone time in the museum lol.
    Here's a little taste from the Money Museum and the Bass Gallery
    Posting them next...Enjoy!
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  3. Kurisu

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    Thanks for the report; sounds like a fun day spent at the show!
    Do you have a picture of these Broncos coins? I seem to recall you mentioning them (or maybe I just made that up :D) but don't recall what they look like.
  5. Kurisu

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    gold mint.jpg
    Reverse Gold and Silver Broncos.jpg
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  6. Captain Sully

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    Really nice pictures did you take these with your phone?

    I have a question with regard to coins I see at an auction every week for 3 days. People are bidding fair prices for the, mostly morgans, that are up for sale but they are graded by a not-so-respectable company "PCI". Guidance Please. S
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  7. Mountain Man

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    Thanks for the post. Wish there were some coin shows in Montana. Been years since the last Gun Show had a few coin dealers.
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  8. Kurisu

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    Yup took those pics with my phone.

    My advice for coins in lower tier company slabs...learn your coin. Buy the coin, not the holder. Unless it's a highly collectible holder :D

    Great advice is also to get to a local dealer (or coin show if you can) and hold and use many graded coins from PCGS, NGC, and ANACS as learning examples of what those grades look like in NGC and PCGS holders at various grades, and there's typically even a difference there.
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