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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by jamesicus, Oct 24, 2019.

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    Edit: All of my web pages will be going offline sometime shortly after the start of next year (maybe earlier). In the meantime, please feel free to copy content from them for your personal use.
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    Nice avatar! LOL
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    Can I ask why? If you're tired of paying for hosting you could just point the url to acrhive.org and it'll clone the whole site.

  6. jamesicus

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    Yes, Rasiel. I am preparing for my demise and one item is: I do not want my wife or family members to have to deal with any superfluous matters (and that includes answering well-intentioned correspondence relating to any of my present pursuits). I am not interested in archiving any of my web pages. I am continuously updating them (which sometimes requires changing the navigation links), sometimes daily, in order to correct errors I have discovered or that have been brought to my attention by visitors - or to add better textual information or illustrations, etc. One of the problems of archiving web pages like mine is that there would need to be innumerable copies of each page (actually every iteration) in order to select the one that would be acceptable to me as a reliable reference and also function properly. I consider my web pages to be dynamic, not static.
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