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    They are located on multiple auction platforms such as Biddr, Sixbid, Numisbid. They are all the same company and a huge scam. Here is an old post from 2020 regarding them:
    I made recent purchases thru biddr.com for their Auction 3, November 12, 2023 (They conducted multiple auctions in the past couple of weeks). I immediately had issues trying to pay them via bank transfer using Wise. When I tried to contact them I found out they don't have a phone number, fax number or web site (see image)


    They responded to my email with the following statement:

    "We don't have a Wise account anymore, We would like to help you , that's why I sent another bank account. You can use your wise account for your payment. Please do not write our company name, just invoice number in the description. As we received your payment we'll send your items as soon as possible.

    Company Name : Alatau Group B.V.
    Iban Number : NL62 INGB 0007 0541 02
    E-mail : alataubv@gmail.com

    Kind regards,


    I have reported them to biddr.com and sent them this message. Most likely their Wise account was closed due to fraudulent activity. Here are some additional posts on Reddit that I found:



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  4. panzerman

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    I just noticed their last auction.
    This Byzantine AV Tarteron
    Michael VI sold for 4400 E
    Its graded as EXCELLENT!!!!! My grade would be VF at best.
    CNG/ Triton V 2002 sold a EF one for 5600US
    So/ it was probably a steal in 2023 for 4400! Just funny that a coolector with such a rare coin would not consign it to CNG/ ROMA/ Heritage were they would get MUCH better result.
  5. Homer2

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    I participated in the NBS Promo auction 1 and 2, getting a few coins each time. I had no issues, but live in Europe and use IBAN to pay. Shipping was within a few days of payment clearing, and coins were as pictured.

    A lot of those complaints are a few years old. I will be much more careful if I bid on anything from NBS in the future though.
  6. Factor

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    Last year I won a couple of coins on Zeus auction 22. Paid with credit card, got the coins, no issues. I was actually pleasantly surprised by their low shipping costs to the US, compared to some other European auctions.
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    It's just really odd how he's running numerous businesses from the same address, with no contact information and want's me to pay a completely different Wise account without mentioning the business name? I only ordered 3 coins for 56 euro's so we'll see if I actually get them. Plenty of other companies to purchase from.
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