WTB: Wanted to buy Aureo & Calicó S.L. Auction 319 7 Nov 2018

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    I have some sale catalogs on my want list. Most collector don't want paper catalogs, but I do. If you have them and don't want them, please offer them to me.

    Recent: Aureo & Calicó S.L. Auction 319 7 Nov 2018 [Roman Republican]

    Baldwin's 90, 96 [Parthian]
    Morton and Eden Byzantine catalog of June 2008
    Jacquier catalogs I don't have [I have #5, Fall 1986, 8, 12-17 (Fall 1995), 20-22, 24-34 (Spring, 2000 to Summer 2006), 36-38 (Sept. 2013)]

    I'd pay $5 each for the Baldwin's, M&E, and CNG catalogs. I'd pay $2 each for Jacquier. Add, of course, media-mail shipping. However, if you have them I wish you would do it, not for the money, but more because I want them and you don't. The money is not enough to be much of a motivation. But, I would appreciate having them.

    PM me if you will.
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