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Discussion in 'Paper Money' started by gboulton, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. gboulton

    gboulton 7070 56.98 pct complete

    Perhaps others have seen this...new to me, however.

    I found it worthy of a chuckle. :)

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  3. Chiefbullsit

    Chiefbullsit CRAZY HORSE

  4. medoraman

    medoraman Supporter! Supporter

    Well now we know how they chose the colors for our new currency. :)
  5. ArthurK11

    ArthurK11 Member

    lol never saw that before
  6. RedRaider

    RedRaider Well-Known Member

    The way they keep printing the stuff, maybe we should just start using monopoly money for cash transactions!
  7. JCB1983

    JCB1983 Learning

    Now if I could only get ahold of one of those orange 500 bills.
  8. gboulton

    gboulton 7070 56.98 pct complete

    Thanks, RR...you just won me $10. :too-funny:
  9. gbroke

    gbroke Naturally Toned

    Oh man. I had no idea that the money was even colored that way.
    So either I am so poor that I never have any cash, besides $1's, or these are not in circulation yet.
    Tell me it's the latter.

  10. Pilkenton

    Pilkenton almost uncirculated

    It's Subliminal Seduction. The government knew about this from the beginning.
  11. RedRaider

    RedRaider Well-Known Member

    Sweet! You can send me half of that! :)
  12. gboulton

    gboulton 7070 56.98 pct complete

    Sure. One Monopoly fiver on the way. :too-funny:
  13. icerain

    icerain Mastir spellyr Supporter

    So thats why they don't print the $2 bills too much anymore. No monopoly color match.
  14. tmoneyeagles

    tmoneyeagles Indian Buffalo Gatherer

    This has been circulating around quite a bit lately, mostly to bash the Federal Reserve.

    This picture is a lot more accurate than some care to realize.
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