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    Wales has been increasingly appreciated for its Roman presence. Halkyn Mountain in northeast Wales was thought to have been used by the Romans for its lead production. A recent find of a small coin hoard supports the belief that there was extensive Roman activity in the area during the 1st and 2nd centuries AD.

    An earlier find of a lead ingot [see picture below] supported the idea that the Romans mined the area for lead.


    “The coin hoard contains 13 silver denarii minted between AD 64 and AD 117. The first coin in the hoard is a denarius of the Emperor Nero (AD 54-68) and the last is a denarius of the Emperor Trajan (AD 98-117). The hoard was probably buried a short time later, at around AD 117-125.”

    In 2020, a large lead ingot measuring about one and one-half feet long and weighing nearly 140 pounds (63 km) was unearthed in northern Wales. The writing on the ancient ingot turned out to be a cast Latin inscription mentioning Marcus Trebellius Maximus, governor of the province of Britannia from A.D. 63 to 69.

    “This is the only example of an inscription bearing his name ever found in the UK and one of very few from the empire as a whole.

    Trebellius was partly responsible for bringing stability to Britannia after Boudica’s revolt in AD 60/1, although he was ultimately forced out of the province by mutinous Roman soldiers who were dissatisfied with the lack of military activity under his governorship.”




    [Neronis] Caes(aris) Aug(usti) (plumbum) Brit(annicum) (e)x Magul(…) fusum op(eribus) in prov(incia) Trebel(lio) Maximo leg(ato) Aug(usti)

    (Property) of Nero Caesar Augustus, British (lead) from Magul(…), smelted at the works in the province when Trebellius Maximus was imperial legate
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