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    Sorry, no coin images on this
    Thought I would share with you this site of heritage about 4 hours from my home. Italica is 20 minutes NW of Sevilla in the region of Andalucia (Hispania Baetica to the Romans) where there are Roman ruins dated to around 200 AD. Discovered were the remains of 5 villas, an amphitheatre about half the size of the colliseum and some wonderfull mosaic flooring beautifully preserved. The town was also the birthplace of Trajan and Hadrian.

    We are planning a trip there next Spring
    bird-mosaic-italica.jpg italica-mosaic.jpg italica-neptune.jpg italica-ruins-spain-seville.jpg italica-ruins-spain-seville-3.jpg italica-ruins-spain-seville-9.jpg
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    Really nice there - I so love Roman mosaics and remember them as well as the Byzantine ones from Cyprus when I lived there.
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    Great pictures, I love the mosaics.
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