Victories with wreaths - Lugdunum

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    This is a very common (C4 according to RIC) AE4 from Lugdunum so nothing to shout about but I didn't have one of this type in my Lugdunum collection so picked it up to fill a gap.

    Obv:– CONSTANT-IVS P F AVG, Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right
    Rev:– VICTORIAE DD AVGGQ NN, Two Victories facing each other, holding wreaths
    Minted in Lugdunum (Palm Branch //PLG). A.D. 347-348
    Reference:– RIC VIII Lugdunum 65 (C4)
    1.75 gms 14.59 mm. 0 degrees.

    RI 170gj img.JPG

    Share you examples of this common type.....
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  3. Mat

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    I like the appearance of it, Martin. Nice addition.
  4. Roman Collector

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    My Constans of this type is from the Thessalonica mint (RIC 101) and it's not exactly of fine style:

    Constans Two Victories Thessalonica.jpg
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  5. Victor_Clark

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    A.D. 347- 348
    14x15mm 1.5gm
    DN FL CONSTANS AVG; Rosette-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right.
    VICTORIAE DD AVGG Q NN; Two Victories, each holding wreath to the left.
    In ex. R • P
    RIC VIII Rome –

    RIC only lists the short obverse legend for Constans (CONSTANS P F AVG) while this example has the longer legend (DN FL CONSTANS AVG). It should come after RIC VIII Rome 81. This example also has both victories holding wreaths to left, instead of center.
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