Victoria Halfpennies: Big, Beautiful and Rare: 1843, 1847

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    These I’ve had for a bit and came from the famed olde Baldwin’s Basement. These coins were winnowed out from the 1980s through early 2000s in a series of sales. The modulus was impressive in they were of good metal quality, large, and saw heavy circulation as well as effectively demonetized with smaller alloy bronze coins. IMHO great care was spent on die prep and strike for such a minor coin. Uncirculated coins with decent amount of red are hard to find and the issues of 1843 through 1847 hard to come by.

    48C2B49F-1713-438D-88E9-68BC4959BAD1.jpeg 5BF16751-9395-451E-BEF3-39DDBD89EA7A.jpeg 040CCA29-9535-48F2-B07B-6AFC5980E54D.jpeg 76702D18-2579-4809-A238-61BF690CAF28.jpeg
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    There was a lot of cool stuff in Baldwin's basement. I have a few Conder tokens with provenance to those sales.
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