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    Here is a very rare Byzantine coin for sale. It is from the mint of Cherson in Crimea in the north Black Sea and is the half-follis with a large delta (the half of the follis with a large H) for 4-pentanummia = 20 nummia = a half follis.

    24-23 mm. 6.51 grams.
    Two figures standing, XEP-CONOC around ("of Cherson")
    Figure with long cross-rho, to the right a large delta, Δ.
    Sear 610 under Maurice, 582-602.
    Maurice issued an almost identical type with his own legend, so Grierson thought this type was also of Maurice. Anokhin, followed by Hahn, decided to attribute them to Justin II, Tiberius II, and Phocas, three emperors surrounding Maurice. I think that the Maurice attribution is still the most supported by reasons.

    Most of these are seriously corroded and quite tooled (see the only one on vcoins. There are none on MA-Shops). This one is not. It is better than most published examples. [A high-quality example of a famous rarity worthy of a fine collection. $375 SOLD+$7 shipping in the US]

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