Very odd quarter.

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by MeowtheKitty, Mar 12, 2020.

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    Meow found this very strange quarter CRH today. It is pink and has a lot of scratches on it. It looks totally like PMD yet something is different somehow. It seems to Meow that the design on the reverse seems unaffected. Could it be another superdie scratched Wyoming quarter Meow found with a hundred or so of sandpaper like scratches that Meow would swear was PMD; Yet, Meow found three exactly identical ones in the same BU roll. So no matter how it looks, Meow has absolute proof that quarter was a real, and not PMD. But this one? It even has pits in it. Why is it pink?
    WIN_20200311_18_56_12_Pro.jpg WIN_20200311_18_56_16_Pro.jpg WIN_20200311_18_57_56_Pro.jpg WIN_20200311_18_58_20_Pro.jpg WIN_20200311_18_56_39_Pro.jpg WIN_20200311_18_56_43_Pro.jpg WIN_20200311_18_56_46_Pro.jpg WIN_20200311_18_56_50_Pro.jpg WIN_20200311_18_56_53_Pro.jpg
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    Damage from the previous owners claws?
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