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    The article was already posted 2 days ago. at the time I commented that I found it interesting that 3% of the coins in the hoard where plated. I don't know what the ratio of genuine to forged coins was at any point in antiquity... But it must have been significant enough as we have so many fourrees with us today.

    The photos in the article are horrible, which doesn't make any identification of any of the coins easy, on top of the fact that the coins are heavily worn as is. However, I did recognize this coin amongst the group.

    Servilius M.F. Rullus denarius (100 BCE).jpg

    Many of the other coins appear to depict Romas with styles that indicate some of the coins are as old as the 130s BCE, though a larger portion of the Republican coinage is from 120 BCE and younger. Beyond that is hard to narrow it further due to the bad quality of the photos.
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    Very sorry Sallent, I guess missed your posting! :facepalm: Cheers!
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