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    Hey folks,
    Thought I'd list a couple lots here before sending them to eBay in about a week. Lots of U.S. silver to be had.
    LOT #1
    Kennedy Halfs
    55 1964 90% silver
    12 65-69 40% silver
    Guardhouse box included. Most of the '64 pieces are in au/bu condition
    Current melt value is $351.89
    Asking $380

    LOT #2
    Morgan Dollars
    18x (no 1921 included)
    Circulated condition
    Asking $330
    IMG_20190719_142346.jpg IMG_20190719_142429.jpg

    LOT #3 SOLD
    Peace Dollars
    Circulated condition
    Asking $100
    IMG_20190719_142556.jpg IMG_20190719_142621.jpg

    Lot #4 SOLD
    1921 Morgan Dollars
    Asking $70
    IMG_20190719_142511.jpg IMG_20190719_142525.jpg

    Shipping will be at cost (USPS FIRST CLASS w/ tracking)
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