WTS: Various rolls for sale in Original Mint Boxes UPDATED and EDITED

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    Before I go to ebay I thought I would offer these rolls for sale here. All rolls are direct from the mint in original mint boxes and each roll of coins is wrapped in mint printed wrappers. Each box contains one roll of coins from the Denver mint and one roll of coins from the Philadelphia mint. All prices include shipping. I would like to sell each group as a lot, but would entertain offers for less than full

    Let me know if interested in any of these mint boxes

    Geod 4W8.jpg 4U8.jpg LP2.jpg R42.jpg R63.jpg

    10 boxes of 4W8 ocean view - all original sealed $60 shipped

    10 boxes of 4U8 Bison - all original sealed $100 shipped

    2 boxes of LP2 Formative Years - 1 opened box, 1 sealed box $20 shipped

    1 box of R42 Wisconsin State Quarters - Opened box - $55 shipped (SOLD)

    1 box 0f R63 District of Columbia Quarters - $55 shipped
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