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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by dannic113, Jun 13, 2012.

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    Here is the list of pre 1940's wheat rolls and 1 partial bag I am offering for sale right now. They are all wrapped so I can't much about their quality or grade. I asked for only pre 1940's rolls half expecting them to be in plastic tubes I got coin tainer wrapped wheats. Opened a bunch to put rolls together for my personal collection and these are the remaining unopened rolls. Please note I am not asking anything on paypal fees shipping is extra and included a tracking number. Shipping one roll add $2.00 sent first class, two rolls adds $3.25 three rolls or more $5.00 flat rate priority mail box. I am not looking to trade sell only. Unfortunately in today's world of scams I accept only paypal as payment.

    I have a total of 4 rolls that are 1930-1939 price $7.00 per roll

    I have 6 total rolls that are just pre 1940 (1910-1939) $9.00 a roll

    There are two 1920-1929 rolls for $10.50

    Only one teens roll left at $12.00

    I also have a quarter bag (approximately 1250) 1930-39 wheat cents also in the cotton duck bag. The rolls and bag came from the same dealer. I say approximately because the weight is not right so the guy may have miscounted or my digital scale may not be calibrating quite right anymore. A 1250 count bag should weight about 8.75 lbs. this bag weighs in at an even 9.5 lbs. and I don't know why without opening it. Shipping in included in the price on this one as it will take a medium size flat rate box (includes tracking number)to ship an item this large. Price out the door to you on this item is $189.
    If you buy this item and rolls obviously the rolls would be at no additional shipping charge as I can sit them on top of the bag inside the box.
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  3. dannic113

    dannic113 Member

    Forgot to add if you want pics of anything or wish to know the dates on the end coins of the rolls just ask. Post was long enough without adding the pics.
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