WTS: Various Daniel Carr overstrikes

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    I've enjoyed them long enough and think it's time to pass them on to someone else. They'll be going on eBay when I find time, but for now, they are being offered here at cost + shipping (including tracking and insurance).

    No cherry picking ;-) You know which ones are high-demand and which ones aren't, so if you want one of the hard-to-find overstrikes, please consider buying another overstrike as well.

    I will provide an additional discount if you purchase more than one item.

    All graded overstrikes have been processed by ANACS. Pictures upon request.


    I tried to look quickly on eBay to see what they are selling for and found these tidbits:
    • A 1910-D Indian Head Cent sold for 122.99 on Aug 26
    • A 1916 Barber Half Dollar:
      • Various auctions have ended between $71 and $113.50
      • BIN/best offer sold for $250 on Sep 28
    • A 1917 'Broken Sword' Peace Dollar sold for $239.99 on Sep 7
    • Standing Liberty Quarter: A 1915-d sold for $195 on Sep 29
    • A Walking Liberty Half Dollar sold for $141.99 on Jul 25
    • Winged Liberty Head ("Mercury") Dimes sold for $99 - $225 (?!)
    • A 1933 Buffalo Nickel sold for $74 on Aug 21


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