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Discussion in 'What's it Worth' started by coimanro, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. coimanro

    coimanro New Member

    Hi everybody,

    One Morgan Dollar in Fine condition.It's dated 1893 and it has a "S" letter below the eagle.What its value ?
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  3. jello

    jello Not Expert★NormL®

    Can you post a picture of the 1893-S???
  4. raider34

    raider34 Active Member

    I agree with Jello try to post some pics. There are many fakes out there.
  5. coimanro

    coimanro New Member

    My coin is 100% original ! How can i attach pictures ?
  6. KoinJester

    KoinJester Well-Known Member

  7. FreakyGarrettC

    FreakyGarrettC Wise young snail

    If it is real then about $5000 but that is if it is REAL! We must have pics to determine that!
  8. jgreenhood

    jgreenhood Senior Member

    $5000 is about retail on it. Are you sure it's silver? Are you sure it weighs about 26 grams? It has a reeded edge right?
  9. linxlvr

    linxlvr Junior Member

    I realize I'm new around here, but how is it you can authenticate a coin so accurately but can not determine it's value?
  10. jgreenhood

    jgreenhood Senior Member

    LOL, actually I think they were joking. Chances are it's a fake. But pictures help make that easier to determine. Truthfully Value is the easy part. It's worth what ever someone is willing to pay for it.

    If it is truely authentic then it can go in to the heritatge auction as you must have $5000 in valuable items to submit.
  11. coimanro

    coimanro New Member

    To jgreenhood:

    I can assure you this coin is 100% UNC(it is raw but it was purchased from an American dealer few years ago).Someone showed me how to post pictures and i will do it so so you can all see that it is genuine !!
    I've collecting coins for more than 20 years now and i also have the knowledge to determine if a coin it's a fake or not.
  12. coimanro

    coimanro New Member


    Photos are here.

    Attached Files:

  13. jgreenhood

    jgreenhood Senior Member

    But your original post says it's in Fine condition. If you recently bought it then why are you asking? I'm not trying to offend you. On key's one always presumes it's a fake first as they don't have a picture or the coin to see.

    I'm just confused on why your answering your own question.

    That's not BU. Her hair is flat there is no detail on the bird's chest. It is in Fine condition as you originally stated.
  14. coimanro

    coimanro New Member

    I am not answering my own question ! You guys said that you needed a picture in order to determine if t is a fake or not...
    Right ?? So i uploaded the pictures for all of you !! I knew that my coin was real but i didn't knew its market value !!!
  15. G-man422

    G-man422 Member

    What you need to do is send it in to PCGS or NGC to have it graded and authenticated. It would be a shame if it were a fake. It also looks to be in fine condition.

    Does anyone think it will get a bodybag because of the rim nic?
  16. weryon

    weryon World traveler - In Thailand

    Look above her ear, a coin hit her hard. Coin looks odd to me , maybe it's the way it was cropped... Let's just wait on someone to come in and give a better opinion on the piece.
  17. raider34

    raider34 Active Member

    I compared it to a few 93 S and it looks real to me. Some close ups of the date and the mm would help (only if you want). I would suggest sending the coin to either PCGS or NGC for authentication. I dont think the rim nics should be a problem.
  18. jello

    jello Not Expert★NormL®

    Nice big money Morgan!

    scan looks real
  19. tmoneyeagles

    tmoneyeagles Indian Buffalo Gatherer

    if it is real, you need to send it into PCGS or NGC, then sell that baby!
  20. tmoneyeagles

    tmoneyeagles Indian Buffalo Gatherer

    or keep it...whatever... And that is fine condition? Well, I guess.
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