Value of 1909 non-VDB wheat?

Discussion in 'What's it Worth' started by bugo, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. bugo

    bugo Well-Known Member

    I won a lot of 52 wheats on the ebays. Most of them were from the '40s and '50s, but there were three pre-1920 pennies in the roll. I was surprised to find a 1909 no mintmark no VDB coin. What is the value of this penny in this condition? I only gave $2 for the entire lot. The red book shows a higher price for the 1909 than most of the years afterward and $3.50 for a G-4. We all know how accurate the red book is, but is my penny worth at least what I gave for all 52? The auction didn't mention a 1909 penny. I'll have to look through the pennies again to see if there are any semi-rare dates.

    Apologies for the blurry pictures.

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  3. Aidan_()

    Aidan_() Numismatic Contributor

    What were the other two pre 1920 wheaties?
  4. bugo

    bugo Well-Known Member

    There were actually four: the 1909, a 1911, a 1919-D and a 1919-S.
  5. coingeek12

    coingeek12 Collect all the nickels!

  6. Aidan_()

    Aidan_() Numismatic Contributor

    Those four will definitely make up for the $2. ;)
  7. HoosierDaddy

    HoosierDaddy Active Member

    I think is a great question. I have seen a certain price guide for months have the Philly 1909 at roughly $3.45 in G4. I do not believe this is a true market value. I say it's much lower.
  8. medoraman

    medoraman Supporter! Supporter

    Yeah, you get very low and price books are irrelevant. Basically you are paying a dealer hassle price. I am guessing you can buy them in pick boxes for $1. Its a great coin to get in a random group of wheats, don't get me wrong, but very high mintages of the new type, along with savings of the date because a lot of people loved lincoln, leads to pretty low value.
  9. bsowa1029

    bsowa1029 Franklin Half Addict

    I agree with medoraman, probably a $1 coin. Still a cool coin to get in a roll nonetheless.
    The 1919's are in the same boat value-wise as the 09.
    Not sure on the '11 though. Take a look at eBay completed listings.

    With those 4 coins you certainly got your money back and then some.
  10. rzage

    rzage What Goes Around Comes Around .

    Great haul for a couple bucks . What else can you buy with that today ? I'm still filling my old blue Whitman . Though now It's mostly upgrades from G-F . Heck I started in the late '50s early '60s with whatever was in my change . I still expect to find that '09-S-VDB in change . lol
  11. bugo

    bugo Well-Known Member

    I thought I got a pretty good deal. Thanks.
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