Valens & Siliqua & Antioch (•ANA)

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    Hello friends collectors of old coins!

    I am writing an article on a particular siliqua struck by the Antioch mint for Valens during its decennalia. It is the issue in • ANA.
    The particularity of this issue is that the only 4 known siliquas are all of the same dies of observe and reverse. The hypothesis that I wish to verify is the belonging of these 4 coins to the same treasure discovered in its time. So can you help me to verify this and :

    1 - DO YOU HAVE a silique of this issue yourself and if so, can you send me a picture?

    2 - Do you have information on a treasure of siliqua from which perhaps these 4 specimens would come?

    Many thanks for your help.



    VALENS - ANTIOCHE - RIC IX 34d(11) - •ANA
    Crédit photo : ©Siliquae
    Silique, 367-375, R
    Dominus Noster Valens Perpetuus Felix Augustus, Notre maître Valens perpétuel Heureux Auguste
    Buste à droite, drapé et cuirassé, tête diadémée (Perles).
    Votis decennalibus/Multis vicennalibus, Vœux pour le dixième anniversaire de règne et pour le vingtième à venir
    Légende en 4 lignes dans une couronne de lauriers fermée.

    Argent 900/1000, Poids : 1.9 Gr, Diamètre : 17 mm, axe des coins : 6h
    RIC IX 34d(11), RSC 96†t
    La monnaie est sur Nummus-Bible

    Commentaires :
    Un autre exemplaire, de la vente NN 66/667 (2.0 Gr), de mêmes coins de droit et de revers que celle de la collection :
    Vente LAC juillet 2020 (2.17 gr) :
    Ces 4 exemplaires semblent avoir les mêmes coins de droit et de revers.
    Fiche de la monnaie sur la base Siliquae
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  4. Magnus Maximus

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    Man, I had to dig in a thread from way back in 2015 to find my coin and info. I need to start shifting back to Siliqua one of these days.
    Valens. AD 364-378. AR Siliqua (1,84g). Antioch mint. Struck CE 367-375. Pearl-diademed, draped, and cuirassed bust right / VOT/ X/ MVLT/ XX in four lines within wreath; ANT. RIC IX 34b.1; RSC 96†e. Good VF
  5. seth77

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    Is it one of those great coins that Marc Walter was offering on Vcoins? 2015 was probably a peak year for the quality of his inventory.
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  6. seth77

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  7. Magnus Maximus

    Magnus Maximus Dulce et Decorum est....

    I believe so.
    Seems like an entire lifetime now, doesn't it?!
  8. SIliquae

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    [QUOTE = "Ocatarinetabellatchitchix, message: 4598027, membre: 99554"] Avez-vous vérifié la recherche Ac? Il y a 4 exemples, peut-être pas les mêmes que les vôtres. [/ CITATION]
    They are the same. Thanks
  9. SIliquae

    SIliquae Well-Known Member

    New research :

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  10. Suarez

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    I wrote an article about a coin just like this that turned out to have no silver at all. I don't remember the mint however.

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