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  1. Nicholas Molinari

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    Looks like an interesting book. I had a very different experience studying philosophy as an undergrad and graduate student. Maybe the Catholic liberal arts tradition is very different from others (like the one you experienced), but the emphasis was on the philosophy of nature AND man, and self-appropriation was just as important as theoretical pursuits of ultimate principles of reality. I do think the”publish or perish” is ruining things for the discipline. But it isn’t all bad, and Smith isn’t the first and won’t be the last to lodge similar complaints.
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  3. David Atherton

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    There has been a resurgence of disdain for academics and specialists recently in the American culture. You can see it from climate deniers, to the anti-vaxxers, and to (gasp!) flat-Earthers. Heck, one of the top Google searches yesterday was for an event promoting the storming of Area-51 in September by 700,00 folks in search of Aliens.

    When the intellectual guardrails are removed who will be there to halt the madness? Ignore Academia and disparage it at your peril.

    Minerva, goddess of wisdom, please come back.

    D511.jpg Domitian
    AR Denarius, 3.35g
    Rome mint, 87 AD
    RIC 511 (C). BMC 107. RSC 213.
    Obv: IMP•CAES•DOMIT•AVG GERM•P M•TR P VI; Head of Domitian, laureate, bearded, r.
    Rev: IMP XIIII COS XIII CENS P P P; Minerva stg. l., with spear (M4)
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    The saddest part is that we are doing this to ourselves. We are not being dragged into it. Everything should be easy for everyone, no difficult thoughts necessary and none are welcome. The internet has been one of the biggest culprits concerning intellectual laziness.

    I am reminded of a lecture I gave years ago where I provided a contrast between 1984 and Brave New World. I asked the class "which is the most pernicious?". After getting mostly surface level responses I gave my opinion. Is 1984 frightening...yes it is. However it is also comforting in a way. This view of the world comforts us because we have a scapegoat. We can blame Big Brother instead of examining the choices and the system that created Big Brother. However, in Huxley's book we are the ones that take the Soma. We deliberately put ourselves into a drugged state to the point where we cannot interact with the surrounding culture. To me the second vision is far more frightening because we have no one to blame except ourselves.

    If there is a problem with universities it is that they have become a reflection of society and its often shallow needs. Instead, universities should challenge current thinking and societal norms beliefs and values.

    If intellectuals are the guards then I ask:

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes.
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  5. David Atherton

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    Facts and truth are the custodians.
  6. lrbguy

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    To that question: If not God, then, in current western culture, it is the marketplace. Happy thought?
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