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Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by eric6794, Aug 19, 2019.

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    My poor USB scope has helped me for a couple years but it's at it's end. Also it's not exactly what I want anymore but not sure if what I want exists and if it does exist I dont know if it will be in my budget so i'll ask the community. First and foremost I roll search I like roll searching and I have found several nice coins searching, second I need something that can take decent pictures of something the size of a half dollar but also can zoom in detail if need be. My biggest thing is I need something that is mounted as I have very bad carpel tunnel and it's hard for me to take photo's with a camera. I have read about usb stereoscope but are they any good? I seen something on eBay that caught my eye but need some opinions if this would be worth it. If not please add your suggestions.|iid:1
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  3. rmpsrpms

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    I have purchased a camera like the one you linked to, but just the camera, not the lens/stand/lights. I like the camera quite a bit, and it outputs a good quality image to the HDMI port. It also takes quite decent quality images. I can't say much about the lens but likely it can produce better images than your standard USB scope. The stand is a mystery...the first pic shows a different stand than the later pics. The one in the first pic looks good, but I have tested the one shown in the later pic and it is very poor quality. So if you try to buy one, make sure it comes with the type in first pic, which has the height adjustment using a rack/pinion on the black colored post, and a pair of LED lights mounted to the stand.

    Also note that while the title says "Stereo", this is not correct. It is a mono system.
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  4. Paddy54

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    Dino scope is the only one I buy why well for the last 15 to 20 some years I've lost as good as the day it was delivered to me.
    I suggest to contact Alan @coinzip he can answer all your questions and is a dino dealer.
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  5. eric6794

    eric6794 Well-Known Member

    thank you
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