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    Shipping is $3 for orders up for $50, $4 for up to $150, and $6 for anything higher. I prefer PayPal, though I can do money orders and personal checks. Feel free to make offers. Additional pictures will be furnished upon request.

    Ptolemy II. 285-246 BC. AE 25mm Head of Alexander right, wearing elephant's skin headdress / Eagle standing left on thunderbolt; E between legs. Svoronos 467. F/VF. $50


    Agrippina II AE Diobol of Alexandria. AΓΡIΠΠINA CEBACTH, draped bust right, wreathed with corn, hair bound in plait behind / Draped bust of Euthenia right, wreathed with corn, holding ears of corn, EYΘH-NIA across fields, L-IB below. Year 12 (52 AD). RPC 5188, BMC 16.14.108, Dattari 178. Milne 124. G. RARE. $45


    Vespasian, BI Tetradrachm of Alexandria, F. $50


    Philip I AE25 of Nisibis, Mesopotamia. Radiate and cuirassed bust right / IOVC CEΠ KOΛΩ NECIBI MHT, tetrastyle temple; statue of Tyche within, ram above Tyche's head, river god below. BMC 17. F. $45


    Philip II, AE, Apollo, rider on horseback, VG. $5
    Gallienus, AE Antoninianus, RIC 585 var 2, VF. $7
    Aurelian, AE Antoninianus, RIC 279, XXIS, F. $7
    Licinius I, AE Follis, RIC VII 44 A, VF+. $20
    Licinius I, AE 3, RIC VII 30, F. $10
    Licinius II, AE Follis, RIC VII 162, VF. $20
    Gratian, AE 2, RIC 37a, VF. $15

    India, Kushan Kingdom. Kujula Kadphises (5 BC - 40 AD). AE Tetradrachm. Bust right with king’s name in Greek and Karosthi, Heracles standing holding club. G+. $5

    Turkoman Dynasties, Artuqids of Mardin. Nasir al-Din Artuq Arslan. AE Dirham, Rider seated on lion walking left. VG/F $30

    018D9C08-1E3D-4AD9-835D-198B1CAEB47C.jpeg 53F8BBB8-16CC-420D-882E-5FE5920A943E.jpeg

    Venice, Hammered Gold Ducat, Doge Domenico II Contarini (1659-1675), EF with bends. $200


    1818 Capped Bust Quarter, B-10 variety, F/VF. $400
    (Will be sent to PCGS in a couple days if no one buys it)


    1803 Draped Bust Half Dollar, Small 3, O-104 R.3, VF. $1000
    (Will be sent to PCGS in a couple days if no one buys it. A VF-20 sold on eBay for $1500)

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