US Mint What TH is going on?

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by Ciscokid, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. Ciscokid

    Ciscokid New Member

    What in the world is going on at the US Mints server? It is slow as heck, can't surf the place, and try to order something or track an order. So far it is going on week 3, you would think that with that kind of money power, they would hire a competent web setup fix-it-up-people, what the hell are they doing anyways?? The initial page still looks the same.. :eek: . Another arrow on their continuing disappointment. They are killing the business by there own incompetence, greed and ignorance in a major way. If they don't get their sh?t together soon, I'll just quit buying and just get out this hobby------gggrrrrr :mad:
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  3. sjnebay

    sjnebay New Member

    I'm as digusted as you. If you want coins without paying confiscatory dealer premiums, then you have to buy from the mint. They know this, so they don't give a crap about their customers. I do programming and web development. If I ever had a client's site down for even a day, I'd be looking for another job. They must have idiots working for them from top to bottom.

    The quality of their coins stinks - no relief, marks on proofs.

    Customer service is no good - phone people who don't know or care what is going on at the mint, don't care whether or not customers are satisfied, don't care if they meet their obligations to their customers.
  4. NOS

    NOS Former Coin Hoarder

    Amen about the relief!!
  5. silvereagle82

    silvereagle82 World Gold Collector

    Please don't get NOS started about coin relief!!! :D

    See you just have to give the forum some time and everyone comes around ;)
  6. NOS

    NOS Former Coin Hoarder

    Yes that is most definately true.
  7. silvereagle82

    silvereagle82 World Gold Collector


    I just checked the mint website, they're now saying it should be up and running by April 4th. :eek:
    Go figure
  8. Illya2

    Illya2 New Member

    I hope I'm not stepping on anyones toes here, but "government accountability" is a non sequitur.
  9. kiyardo

    kiyardo Senior Member

    Well, these new imporved features and functionality better be worth the downtime. That's all I goota say.
  10. Cu101

    Cu101 Member

    Maybe someone hacked in to the Mints web site and caused all of these problems.
  11. Spider

    Spider ~

    /\ was it you? :mad:

    lol just messin
  12. rbm86

    rbm86 Coin Hoarder

    It appears the Mint is having major information technology problems, and it may not be entirely their fault (could be the IT vendor). I am sure the Mint itself is most upset about it, as they are likely losing tons of business!!

    Actually, the Mint's customer service, at least for me, has been superb for the last 15 years, and to date I have never received a damaged or otherwise unacceptable item (I guess I have been lucky). And, unless items are backordered, I generally receive my order within one to two weeks.

    Believe me, they are light years ahead of where they were in the 1970s. The worst was 1978, when I ordered the 1978 proof sets in April, and did not receive them until February, 1979!! :eek:
  13. Spider

    Spider ~

    lol rbm i also always had great service for a long time even though ive only been buying from them for not a long time
  14. cdcda

    cdcda New Member

    Remember folks, the mint is a government run organization which means that you cannot judge it by standard means ;-)

    I would suggest that you compare the customer service provided by the mint to that provided by say... The Department of Motor Vehicles in your state or maybe The Internal Revenue Service!
  15. mrsushi66

    mrsushi66 New Member

    I gotta tell you this and I dont mean it in a bad way... I play an online game and when the servers go down for that the hardcore post stuff like this.

    Like I said I just found it very amusing the similarities between the posts about a game server going down and the mint server being down. :p

    Hope you guys done run me out on a rail :eek:

  16. jblaine10

    jblaine10 New Member

    The mint hasn't lost any of my business, if I wanted to order, I'd use the phone. I use the phone mostly anyway since I'm working at 12 EST. What I miss is surfing the site (a daily ritual), see the goodies, new ship dates and sold out products etc.. My purchases, probably like most of you are well planned out, in advance- not impulses.
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