US Mint packaging update 7 year mark

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Vess1, Apr 1, 2023.

  1. Vess1

    Vess1 CT SP VIP Supporter

    Well a friend of mine was recently looking to purchase the 2015 dimes from the March of Dimes set. He said it’s amazing how many have a brown toning to them now. I wonder what’s causing that? So I told him I bought that set that year and had it stashed away in a climate controlled place.

    I took my set out today to examine out of curiosity.

    604FEC3F-4144-4BE3-A8A9-3F76E554D255.jpeg 32B417B1-BAD6-4C93-AB7D-C87045E373BC.jpeg

    As you can see, mainly where the backing of the velvet flap has been resting on the what I would call “pot metal” underneath, there’s active corrosion after 7 years. So I took them out of this. No brown toning on the coins. The RP has a little hazy spot on cheek that would probably make it a 69. The other two could probably grade out at 70s.

    Just fyi if you have this set. I doubt any long term R&D testing goes into this stuff to see how materials will interact and they’re not going to use aluminum because it might cost a few pennies more. Its ridiculous. At least the back of the velvet holder was enclosed. I will leave them in that and store it without the clamshell.
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  3. Mountain Man

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    Good thing you checked. I have several silver coins from the mint, that came in the blue velveteen display and they tone in a very short time.
  4. Inspector43

    Inspector43 Celebrating 75 Years Active Collecting Supporter

    Just checked mine. They appear to be absolutely perfect.
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  5. Vess1

    Vess1 CT SP VIP Supporter

    Was your box corroding?
  6. Inspector43

    Inspector43 Celebrating 75 Years Active Collecting Supporter

  7. Jim Dale

    Jim Dale Well-Known Member

    The Mint used that blue velveteen on many of the their coins. Does anyone know if there has been damage on more recent coins?
  8. Randy Abercrombie

    Randy Abercrombie Supporter! Supporter

    That is what you get when the government uses the low bidder.
  9. Long Beard

    Long Beard Well-Known Member

    Quantity not quality. Seems to be the U.S. Mint's motto for some time. I've voiced this very matter over the past few years, by e-mail/actual letter and telephone to no avail. Simply put, they do not care.
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  10. BBBeth

    BBBeth Member

    2015 march.jpg Only one coin seemed to be toned in this set. Great info. Thanks
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