US Dime Collar Die... Check this out!

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by LostDutchman, May 15, 2012.

  1. LostDutchman

    LostDutchman Under Staffed & Overly Motivated Moderator

    A customer walked in with this today. It's marked D on the side... probably for dime... and on the top in light autopen writing you see "US 10C 226"

    I thought it was cool and wanted to share since I'd bet most folks have never seen one of these. It looks like it was partially defaced so you couldn't use it... but still very cool none the less.

    collar1.jpg collar2.jpg collar3.jpg
    collar4.jpg collar5.jpg
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  3. LostDutchman

    LostDutchman Under Staffed & Overly Motivated Moderator


    GDJMSP Numismatist Moderator

    Way cool ! :thumb:

    Now if it only helps impart the understanding that people need ;)
  5. LostDutchman

    LostDutchman Under Staffed & Overly Motivated Moderator

    I thought it was cool...
  6. BadThad

    BadThad Calibrated for Lincolns

    Very cool piece! :thumb: The educational value is priceless.
  7. Hobo

    Hobo Squirrel Hater

    What, no serial number?

    The 'D' could be for Denver instead of Dime.

    VERY cool by the way.
  8. Kirkuleez

    Kirkuleez 80 proof Supporter

    You get the best walk-ins on the planet.
  9. jhinton

    jhinton Active Member

    I was just thinking the same thing. I don't know of another dealer who gets the kind of items you do Matt. Nice addition!
  10. silentnviolent

    silentnviolent accumulator--selling--make an offer I can't refuse

    is there any way to research the significance of 226? It would be neat to say "This collar was used on coins of XXXX year"
  11. d.t.menace

    d.t.menace Member

    As a machinist I'm always interested in seeing the actual pieces and parts of the coining process. Thanks for posting it, interesting.
  12. LostDutchman

    LostDutchman Under Staffed & Overly Motivated Moderator

    I talked to Fred Weinberg about these as I figured he would know. He did not disappoint. He said that these came from the San Francisco mint circa 1968-1969. He said they are relatively common and not worth a lot... he did mention that they do make great desk weights. haha!
  13. gboulton

    gboulton 7070 56.98 pct complete

    You were right about one thing...I'd never seen one! :too-funny:

    What a fascinating bit of...well.. would this rightly be called exonumia?
  14. Hobo

    Hobo Squirrel Hater

    It may not be worth much but it certainly is cool.

    How did Fred Weinberg identify this collar as being used at the SF Mint circa 1968-1969? Does it have something to do with the autopen writing? Or was this particular design only used at SF those years?

    Dan Carr has a quarter collar. (I got to see it and hold it when I toured his Midnight Mint recently. I'll try to post a photo later.) He found his collar inside the surplus coin press that he bought. It has not been defaced and it does have a serial number.

    I visited Fred Weinberg's table at the ANA show in Denver last week. In fact, I spent a good bit of time (and money) there. He is a super nice guy. Among the items that I purchased are five dies (three quarters and two cents) used at the Denver Mint. All have been defaced. I would love to have a collar die to go along with them.
  15. Conder101

    Conder101 Numismatist

    That would make sense, about the same time as all those torch defaced 1968 proof dies came on the market.
  16. LostDutchman

    LostDutchman Under Staffed & Overly Motivated Moderator

    I would get a hold of Fred. He said he had several of them.
  17. Hobo

    Hobo Squirrel Hater

    Thanks. I'll do that.
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