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    Selling part of collection for a coworker. I have 6 lots that will only be sold as lots (will not break them apart for specific coins.)
    • Will only ship to lower 48 states and signature will be required.
    • These will go in USPS flat rate boxes or specified shipping method below so the costs are somewhat fixed.
    • Trying to sell at a price that works for everyone involved.

    Payment must be using Paypal friends and family.

    If everything goes well with our transaction I will contact any/all members involved in this deal (up to 6 members) will get first option on the future parts I have agreed to look at and sell after this lot is completed. All transactions include albums. I will respond to the first PM I receive as I monitor for replies.

    I have the following for sale:
    • SOLD - 112 Silver Roosevelt Dimes
    • SOLD - 40 Mercury Dimes
    • Revised - see new thread
    • Revised
    • Revised
    • Revised
    Best Regards ~ Darryl
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