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    Thank you...I have Flynns book and highly recommend it.
    The problem is series like this fall though the cracks....and for several reasons ,but yet there is a need for the information,and references.
    I have an older friend ....yeah older than me lol...he owned and ran a coin shop from the early 1960's to about a year ago.
    He told me one day durring a shop visit....this story.
    Sonny was a big fan of the 3 cent nickel..he needed an 1884 and decieded to place a half page add in the old news paper type coinworld to advertise the shop but more some to try and find a 84 lll . He even offered a premium for the coin.
    So he started to get calls....yeah I have one .So he make arrangements for the person stop by the shop or ship the coin......for 6 months he got calls yeah I got the coin....nope ya don't you have a proof 1884 not mint state.
    Mintage MS 1700 pieces Proof 3942 pieces.
    He never finished his set as like 1884 the later dates all had very low mintages.
    Try an find a ms coin when more proofs are struck than ms coins.
    And must admit yes I have several series sets completed...But years ago was tired to build a set that was affordable ,I took to varieties as there could be sets but the most part abnormalities on a struck coin.....and some had some cool stories to go along with the oddity .
    But I do have a set of these most part ms raw coins 1865-1876 1879-1882 & 1888 plus a few varieties.
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    I don't have MS coins but I have all the business strikes except the 1884. I'm proudest of my 1885 a nice AU business strike. MS mintage 1,000 Proofs 3,790. Got it from Jack Beymer back in 1978 for $300.
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