Featured Uruguay 1871 20 Pesos (or 2 Doubloons)

Discussion in 'Paper Money' started by ewomack, Jul 29, 2020.

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    After visiting Uruguay some years ago, I started buying examples of the country's coins and currency. I found the 20 Pesos note below somewhere online a long time ago and I just recently came across it again. I like the actual signature with ink bleeding through the back. Also, the curved edge on the left apparently attached to a "receipt" that included the note's serial number and denomination. Supposedly it was detached and put away for later validation by rejoining the two pieces, if necessary. "2 Doblones" refers to the equivalent worth of "2 Gold Doubloons," on which the national currency standard was based (10 pesos = 1 doubloon). March, 1871 is the issue date, with the May, 1870 date above it referring to the passage of a monetary law. "El Banco Maua & Compania" refers to the bank founded by the very wealthy Barón de Mauá in the 1850s. The bill makes extensive and interesting use of microprinting and early latent images using optical illusions with color.

    1871_Uruguay20Pesos_01.png 1871_Uruguay20Pesos_02.png

    The bill's main text reads:

    "pagará al portador y á la vista veinte pesos en billetes de curso legal o en su defecto en oro sellado con arregalo al artículo 20 de la ley de 4 de Mayo de 1870. Montevideo primera de Marzo de 1871."


    "will pay the bearer on sight twenty pesos in banknotes of legal tender or, failing that, in gold stamped in accordance with article 20 of the law of May 4, 1870.
    Montevideo first of March 1871.

    Uruguay was a fantastic country to visit. Now I'm craving milanesa or a chivito. Or just a stroll through Plaza de Independencia.
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    @ewomack, nice note. Here's the only Uruguay note I have. Of course, it "just happens" to be a radar note. LOL
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    Milanesa... mmm...
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