URBS ROMA - 'Error'?

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Topcat7, Sep 18, 2020.

  1. Topcat7

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    I recently came into possession of this "URBS ROMA" Commemorative of Constantine 1
    (RIC VII Constantinople 62), however, I am wondering about the legend.
    The 'R' in 'ROMA' doesn't seem to be 'right'. In fact, to me, it looks almost as if it has 'fallen over'.
    Here is the coin.

    Here it is rotated -90 degrees.
    and in 'Close Up'

    Here it is rotated another -90 degrees
    and in 'Close Up'

    The 'R' in 'ROMA" does not look like the 'R' in 'URBS".
    If what can be seen is the top half of an 'R' , then the bottom half would be well and truly below the 'line'.
    What do you think, please?
    (There does seem to be a small piece of 'dirt' covering part of the 'R' that has so far resisted all attempts to remove it.)
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  3. Kiaora

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    It looks normal to me, I think it’s just that the bottom right ‘leg’ of the R has been weakly struck
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