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    Ok after thinking about it, back in the day (500+ years) mythology was a part of everyday life. Zues, hades, ares..... the list goes on. I personally love ancient greece, (i named my youngest son Orion Ares, lol). So... thats where i started. Ive found two that i think iam buying (and only one that i could find with ares). But i wanted to post the pictures and share what ive found. And.... i think iam gunna take some time away from US coins and work on ancients for a while, lol. Theres so many wars (trojan, cursaders) and time periods of mythological beliefes that now i can bring home, hold it in my hand and just iminage what this coin has gone thru. Who did it pay, and for what reason? Thanks for letting me share and sorry for the spelling iam BAD at it. Screenshot_20191108-152831.png Screenshot_20191108-152423.png
    PS the top coin with ares head on it will go to Orion Ares when hes older to spure an instrest
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  3. TIF

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    I love the top coin! Keep in mind though that posting coins currently for sale may lead to heartbreak-- if the coins you post are desirable and priced well, someone may see it and beat you to the virtual checkout counter. If you have questions about a currently for sale coin, it is best to ask someone's opinion by private message.

    As for the Athens tet... you might want to wait and shop around. There are tens of thousands of the older (and generally more desirable, apparently) versions of the Athens tets and the prices have come down a bit.
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  4. TIF

    TIF Always learning. Supporter


    There are more than a thousand hits on Vcoins when searching for "Ares", although for some of the hits "ares" will probably be part of another word.

    Edited: Yeah, far fewer. Vcoins' search engine also shows Mars when searching for Ares. You can knock out some of the Roman hits by adding a minus sign in front of words that indicate a Roman coin, such as "-denarius -dupondius -follis -sestertius -Rome" etc.

    Here's such a search, with the number of hits reduced to a more manageable amount but still with some non-Greek coins.
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  5. TIF

    TIF Always learning. Supporter

    A very common and affordable coin with bust of Ares comes from Pontos. There are several available on Vcoins right now.

    A couple of mine:

  6. Junior lawson

    Junior lawson Active Member

    Ty @TIF. I was coming across a lot of mars. And iam still learning how to nav that vcoins site. Ill see what i come up with. I kinda like the look of the owl just cause of the patina showin the owl and head. Iam still looking and browsing tho too.
  7. dougsmit

    dougsmit Member Supporter

    My favorite Ares is this Tarsos (Datames) AR stater reverse with nymph head obverse.
    I am not aware of an Ares with the name spelled out on the coin and I know of no Orion coins. My example has a small test cut and Ba'al (Aramaic LUY) bull countermark. Uncut, unmarked and high grade examples of this will not be cheap. It was my most expensive coin when I bought it ~30 years ago. Tell young Orion to study hard so he can afford it in another thirty years or so. I hate to think what the buyers' fee will be in 2050. :dead:
  8. Justin Lee

    Justin Lee I learn by doing Supporter

    My 2 Mamertine coins below show Ares on obverse and spell out APEOΣ ("AREOS")...

    Sicily, Messana, The Mamertinoi
    Circa 288-278 BC, AE Quadruple Unit
    Series I struck circa 288-285 AD

    Obverse: APEOΣ, Laureate head of Ares right; helmet head behind.
    Reverse: MAMEP-TI-NΩN, Bull butting left.
    References: Särström Series I, Group A; Calciati I pg. 91, 1; SNG ANS 399; SNG Copenhagen 428; SNG Morcom 623
    Size: 27mm, 17.51g
    Ex: CNG Auction 447, Lot 20 (7/3/2019);
    CNG Mail Bid Sale 67, Lot 287 (9/22/2004);
    From the Tony Hardy Collection

    Sicily, Messana, The Mamertinoi
    Circa 288-278 BC, AE Double Unit

    Obverse: APEOΣ, Laureate head of Ares right; spear head behind.
    Reverse: MAME-P-TINΩN, Eagle standing left on thunderbolt.
    References: SNG ANS 401; Calciati I pg. 91, 2
    Size: 22mm, 8.0g
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