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    …………… to include detail on reverse depiction of horse’s head and inscription:

    British Celtic coin - uniface silver unit - minted by the Corieltavi tribe
    ABC 1938; Van Arsdell 914, 15.27 mm, .99 gram, circa. 15-40 AD

    Obverse depiction: none (plain surface).

    Reverse depiction: stylized horse galloping left (head of horse off flan, left).
    Inscription: AVN above, [CO - obliterated] below (AVN COST - Corieltavi king).

    Illustrating head of horse (and AVN)
    on flan of a better centered coin.

    Cataloged in the British Museum collection:

    This coin is contemporaneous with the Queen of the Brigantes, Cartimandua, and her association with the conquest of Britain by Claudius and his Generals. This coin could possibly have been used by her tribe who did not mint their own coins but who were close allies with the Corieltavi tribe and traded extensively with them.

    Background information: The Time Travellers (UK) Brigantes study group:
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