Upcoming Roma Numismatics and NAC auctions

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Probus, Sep 25, 2020.

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    So a lot of high end Roman coins coming up for auction in the next month. For high end coins (aureii or high preservation denarii) 20-35% above estimate seems to be typical. For NAC the estimate is frequently the ceiling(maybe 10% above). How do people see the upcoming auctions from both auction houses panning out? Of course if it is for a rare emperor (Claudius, Nerva, etc.) then 50-100% is not atypical.

    Based on very recent results, I would say 30-50% above estimate for Roma and 20-30% above estimate for NAC are where bids will start to be competitive. Results will be higher in many cases, and I think these represent my opinion of the floor for what will be competitive. That assumes the level of interest remains elevated. We could revert back to the dynamic I described initially.
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    The Roma floor auctions have very competitive bidding. Their E-Sale auction is coming up and it might have more opportunities for better purchases, depending on your interests.
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