Unusual 1800'S wallets for carrying British gold coins

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    These unusual "wallets" meant for carrying British gold coins in the 1800's appeared in these two films.

    "The Card" was a British film released in 1952 and set around 1898.
    The main character finds a man's coin wallet and returns it to him.

    "The Card" coin wallet

    "Jamaica Inn" was a British film released in 1939 and set around 1820.
    A gang of pirates suspects one of their members and find that his belt contains a coin wallet.

    "Jamaica Inn" coin wallet

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  3. Deacon Ray

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    That’s a very organized method of carrying coins. Types of purses and wallets is an interesting topic for a post. I remember my mother’s coin purse had a snap-closed top and looked like the one on the left below. My grandfather carried his coins in one those oval shaped rubber coin purses like the one on the right.


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  4. Mountain Man

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    Cool history facts. Thanks for posting.
  5. QuintupleSovereign

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    With all the quantitative easing and stimulus these days, we all may need a bigger wallet soon.
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  6. kaparthy

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    I remember actually having wallets with coin compartments. We do not see them much in the USA, but this handy razor fits in your wallet,
    but look at the wallet. In Europe, their €1 and €2 coins make coin purses necessary.
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