unknown 8 escudos cob coin

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Muhammad Niazi, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. Muhammad Niazi

    Muhammad Niazi Active Member

    Any help with identity. Its someone elses coin. The minmark isnt there, and instead of PVA in the center row there is EVA.

    20190415_210036.jpg IMG-20190415-WA0075.jpg
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  3. desertgem

    desertgem MODERATOR Senior Errer Collecktor Moderator

    I deleted your duplicate post. The member has a few minutes to make any editing change and then it is permanent. Everyone should check and reread their post before hitting post reply.

  4. jonathan layne

    jonathan layne Well-Known Member

    pic of the edge?
  5. AussieCollector

    AussieCollector Moderator Moderator

    I have dabbled in cobs, but am by no means an expert, especially in 8 escudos cobs. So please take this with a healthy pinch of salt.

    It could have been so poorly struck that the gold has been distorted to the extent that the PVA looks like EVA. Even then, the A looks more like an upside down V, which worries me more than a little.

    Also there are some oddities in both the obverse and reverse (including the dotted ring and so forth), which makes me wonder.

    What is the weight?

    A sure fire way to get an expert opinion is to email Daniel Sedwick. He will likely be able to tell you what it is, when it was struck, and how rare it is in 1 minute flat.
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  6. Muhammad Niazi

    Muhammad Niazi Active Member

    The guy who has it has no means of finding its weight. the coin is 16mm which is also worrying.
    Also the edge finally gives it off as a fake I think.
    IMG-20190416-WA0047.jpg IMG-20190416-WA0046.jpg
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  7. rrdenarius

    rrdenarius non omnibus dormio Supporter

    I am not sure what you paid for this coin, but investing in a small digital scale would be worthwhile. I googled digital scales and found thousands. My search engine puts sites with ads first, so make sure you check prices. Amazon has thousands, and the lowest are below $10 delivered.
    Or you could go old school:
    egypt sands of time.jpg
    Weighing heart.

    scale on Roman coin

    20190117_223941 - Copy.jpg
    my wife weighing yarn
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  8. John Anthony

    John Anthony Ultracrepidarian Supporter

    It's a tourist token made of brass.
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  9. Muhammad Niazi

    Muhammad Niazi Active Member

    kind of glad I didnt buy it :D
  10. jonathan layne

    jonathan layne Well-Known Member

    the reason i said to post a picture of the edge, is because if you look at it, you see the line that runs all the way around it. that is one of the easiest ways to tell if its fake. i made the mistake once by buying a coin that i thought was real but it turned out to be just a replica. all the people on this site told me to look at the edge and sure enough there was a seam
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