University of Calgary Exhibit -- The Coins of Jesus

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Roman Collector, Jun 13, 2021.

  1. Roman Collector

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    "Coins of Jesus is a virtual exhibition that highlights Judeo-Christian coinage in the Numismatics Collection of Nickle Galleries, covering a unique geographic area and a historic period of cultural and ideological diversity. Beginning with Persian Imperial coins and Phoenician shekels, the exhibition presents Jewish, Judeo-Roman, Roman Christian and Byzantine coinage, concluding with Islamic and Medieval money – an intellectually and artistically rewarding journey.

    "Exhibition curated by Marina Fischer from the Numismatic Collection of Nickle Galleries, University of Calgary."

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  3. tibor

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    Thanks for sharing that link. Nice to see those coins.
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  4. Al Kowsky

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    R.C. Thanks for the link, the Nickle Galleries collection is impressive :happy:. No doubt Jesus Christ & Christianity have had a tremendous impact on Western coin design ;). I'm surprised not to see this common & iconic coin type not represented in the display o_O.

    AE Nummus AD 967-1065 AWK.jpg
    Anonymous, Time of Basil II & Constantine VIII. AD 976 - 1065. AE Nummus: 10.48 gm, 29 mm, 6 h. Constantinople Mint. Sear 1813.
    Al Kowsky Collection.
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    +VGO.DVCKS Well-Known Member

    Terrific link, with an equally apt complement by @Al Kowsky. Along similar lines, here are a couple of Aksumites (/Axumites --academics use both; why can't we?). Anon. 5th century, followed by Hataz, c. 570 (chronology from Munro-Hay). No portraits of Christ, but crosses, along with legends in Koine (New Testsament) Greek and Ge'ez, a Semitic language whose alphabet, this early and on coins, is reminiscent of the archaic Hebrew in ancient Jewish coins.
    COINS, AKSUM, ANON. 5TH C., OBV..jpg
    COINS, AKSUM, ANON. 5TH C., REV..jpg
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  6. Severus Alexander

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    Ever since they hired Marina they've been doing a great job of public exhibitions - and this looks like a great COVID-times substitute. I love the Nickle! (They went through a long period of inactivity, preceded by a scandal... the first curator stole high quality coins from the collection, replacing them with low quality substitutes. When I was a teenager, that guy gave me a tour of the collection. :eek:)

    I've lent coins to them for exhibits before. Here's one:
    julian ii bull.jpg
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