Ungraded b u Morgan Dollars

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by chascat, Jan 8, 2016.

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    Instant Gratification means you're not willing to invest the elbow grease into acquiring actual skills of your own.
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    The market for raw coins simply is far more polluted than it was years ago. There is much better criminal activity out there-- coin doctors are far more skilled then they were in the past. The level of counterfeits has risen to the point that even skilled collectors are regularly fooled by excellent fakes. Of course, buying raw coins, grading them one's self is still very rewarding. I just don't see the sense in buying coins of value that are raw-- given the tenuous market, it is very risky. If a collector learns a series, and knows it well, there is no reason not to buy common date coins raw. In fact, it is outright fun. I know it is fashionable today to bash TPGs, and point out their periodic inaccuracies. However, few remember the bad old days, when every coin one bought was Ms, and then, when it came time to sell them, suddenly they morphed into AUs. I would never buy a raw key, or difficult date-- chances are high that there is something wrong with it.
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    Absolutely agree.
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