uncut strip of $2 bills + more

Discussion in 'Paper Money' started by johnny54321, May 22, 2009.

  1. johnny54321

    johnny54321 aspiring numismatist

    Hello. These probably aren't worth much but kind of cool. Here is an uncut strip I bought from the Federal Bureau of Engraving about 15 years ago.

    My wife has a collection of two dollar bills. 1 1928 and about a dozen from 1953. Here's several examples.

    Anyways, what would you say these are worth?:)


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  3. ryanbrooks

    ryanbrooks Active Member

    I think the $2's are worth about $8 or so each, but not sure on the uncut strip... but it's cool! :thumb:
  4. LSM

    LSM Collector

    If you look down to the third 2 dollar bill on the sheet you will notice that the fives and the Federal Reserve Seal (E) on the left hand side are very faint. This note should bring a premium as an error and more so if it's on a uncut sheet.

  5. Coinfreak~24

    Coinfreak~24 Active Member

    very nice bills!!!
  6. Daggarjon

    Daggarjon Supporter**

    the LTN's might not fetch a large premium, the earlier one might. The uncut sheet should based on the 3rd note. If its real, it should certainly help the sheet fetch a higher premium.
  7. johnny54321

    johnny54321 aspiring numismatist

    Thanks guys. I looked closer at the uncut sheet, and unfortunately the weakness in the third note is due to the lighting, and they all appear the same darkness in hand. I apologize as my note photo taking ability is completely pathetic...lol.

    Daggarjon: what does LTN stand for?

  8. TheNoost

    TheNoost huldufolk

    Legal tender note I believe
  9. Daggarjon

    Daggarjon Supporter**

    yes, sorry :) LTN stands for Legal Tender Note
  10. De Orc

    De Orc Well-Known Member

    A very nice little collection regardless of the value, now you have to build on it :D Welcome to the Paper side LOL
  11. RickieB

    RickieB Expert Plunger Sniper

    Welll from what I see in Schwartz/Lindquist for the Richmond District on these Series 1976 $2 notes is that the SN's starting with 99840000B- 99999960B indicate 160,000 notes, however, your notes show the suffix letter A

    The EA Block shows 56,960,000 notes printed. Unless there is an error in the printing of the S/L 8th edition or an error in the reporting, you just may have established a new low 99xxxxxxA SN!!

    Perhaps Numbers will come by and check it out??

  12. Numbers

    Numbers Senior Member

    Serialling data on the uncut sheets is often very confused, because the BEP didn't release official numbers for most of the series. Nearly all the data in the references is reconstructed by looking at a bunch of sheets and trying to figure out what was printed....

    Near as I can tell, the 1976 $2 non-star sheet serials are:

    BB, BC, EA, EB, and FA blocks: 99200001-99999999
    IA block: 98720001-99999999
    IB and IC blocks: 99680001-99999999.

    *None* of the blocks seem to have used the 99840001 starting serial that was standard for the 1981 and 1981A $1 sheets. This is because, despite the series date, the 1976 $2 non-star sheets were printed in the early '90s, and so they followed serial numbering more typical of the uncut sheets of that era.

    All the data I've been able to compile on uncut sheets is here. You'll notice that there are still a few blocks in certain series where I've got no idea what's going on, because I haven't seen any sheets yet; and there are a few where I've got conflicting data and I'm not sure what to make of it. If anyone here has any sheets that might clear up any of the confusion, please send me the serial number and plate position information!

    (Incidentally, just to let the forum know: As a result of job loss, I won't have 'Net access after the end of the month. I'm working on getting myself set up with a cheap dialup connection at home, but first I have to wait for the cheap computer I ordered to arrive, so it may be a few weeks.... So if I vanish for a while, that's why. And if you know of anyone who needs an out-of-work mathematician, let me know.... :rolleyes:)
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