ULTRA RARE Lincoln Cent variety! (4 known)

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    A chance to purchase one of the ULTRA RARE unicorn-level Lincoln cent varieties!

    With only 4 known examples found in 35 years, & with only 3 being professionally graded (all by PCGS), here is a rare opportunity to buy an example raw before it goes to the auction house!

    1988 DDO, FS-101 DOUBLED EAR, CLASS VIII, EARLY DIE STATE, MS. IMG-9732.jpeg IMG-9694.jpg IMG-9684.jpg IMG-9715 copy.png Screen Shot 2023-02-07 at 4.30.04 AM.png S20230112_385.jpg 1988PDDO003a scratches 1.jpeg S20230112_409.jpg S20230114_322.jpg S20230114_020.jpg

    - Only two known sales: the first discovery coin found over a decade ago was sold privately for $3,000 raw (ended up grading MS63BR), & a MS66RD example sold for $3,120 through Heritage Auctions in April of 2020 (first public sale & with no conceivable price guide at the time, and still, this smart buyer got an unreal steal on the top pop. example that I bet he could sell easily or over $25k? nowadays or shortly in the future - especially with the 1958 DDO FS-101 (3 KNOWN EXAMPLES) that just sold for $1,136,250 MILLION DOLLARS!!!!, & especially when it inevitably gets added to the PCGS Lincoln Cent Major Varieties Circulation Strike Registry Set, this mega-rare variety will be what the big boys will duke it out over to retain their spot in the numismatics world and in history!)

    - DM me for all inquiries.

    God bless you. <3

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