UFO on an Ancient?

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by JCB1983, May 7, 2012.

  1. JCB1983

    JCB1983 Learning

    I would like to know the facts behind this coin. Is it an ancient, or a reproduction? Where is it from? The UFO thing pretty much blew me away. Thank You.

    529840_10150750830360872_78589825871_10013902_241456826_n.jpg 575071_10150751166835872_78589825871_10014060_1511000708_n.jpg
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  3. mrbrklyn

    mrbrklyn New Member


    Ah - so that is what this guy was doing? ET Phone HOME
  4. medoraman

    medoraman Supporter! Supporter

    Looks more like a condor token. Flan and die definitely not ancient, more 18th century.
  5. jhinton

    jhinton Active Member

    It is some type of religious token, but that is about all I can figure out. My knowledge of Latin only goes as far as google translate... :) But it is a token and I think medoraman is right about the age as well.
  6. ziggy9


    google "opportvnvs adest" for hours of fun reading speculation about this 1600's jeton
  7. JCB1983

    JCB1983 Learning

    Thank You Very Much.
  8. medoraman

    medoraman Supporter! Supporter

    Dang it, missed it by a century. :(
  9. green18

    green18 Sweet on Commemorative Coins Supporter

    Shades of Jazz Joe........
  10. Log Potato

    Log Potato Barberous

  11. mrbrklyn

    mrbrklyn New Member

  12. Fall Guy

    Fall Guy Member

    It's an ancient Mexican coin. What is depicted is someone throwing a sombrero into the air. ;)
  13. jhinton

    jhinton Active Member

  14. jetoncollector

    jetoncollector New Member

    That is a French jeton from the mid-1600's, and a very difficult find if you ask me. It's an original strike, I have a similar later-date restrike to compare that one to-

  15. Mojavedave

    Mojavedave Senior Member

    Ancient Coin

    Looks like you have got a winner there Jason. What's the story about finding this old coin ?

    Can't figure out why your coin doesn't have a date such as the 1656 one depicted.
    I thought usually that no date coins were in the catagory of tokens.

  16. medoraman

    medoraman Supporter! Supporter

    Dave, dates were not universal in this period. They were gradually becoming the norm, but lack of a proper AD date does not mean its not a coin.
  17. JCB1983

    JCB1983 Learning

    Well actually it's not mine. Somebody that I happen to know sent me a picture of this coin and I'm not even sure if it is in their posession. They happen to believe that they were re-incarnated and were an alien in a previous life. Not exactly my cup of tea, but I said I'd check the coin out.
  18. Cazkaboom

    Cazkaboom One for all, all for me.

    OH MY GOSH!!! That was the greatest part to my day today! Great laugh there. Just tell that person that you called the government and that the government is going to "relocate" him to Area 51 for further investigation :p
  19. green18

    green18 Sweet on Commemorative Coins Supporter

    Again.....Jazz Joe lives......
  20. silentnviolent

    silentnviolent accumulator--selling--make an offer I can't refuse

    I think this coin was featured before here.... On a thread started by a member now banned.... lets see if I can find it.... AHA! Here it is: http://www.cointalk.com/t44991/
  21. green18

    green18 Sweet on Commemorative Coins Supporter

    It's Joe.....
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