WTS: U.S. Type Coins for sale Standing Liberty Quarters

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Mark Metzger, Nov 6, 2018.

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    Hi there folks. I recently acquired a small U.S. collection and thought I'd list them up here before posting them to eBay. I'd love to sell to a forum member and avoid paying ebay and paypal fees. I am open to offers and will make special consideration for multiple coin purchases. I'll start with some of the SLQs and post other coins in subsequent posts.
    1917 Type 1 $110
    IMG_20181105_205534.jpg IMG_20181105_205543.jpg
    1917 Type 1 $110 IMG_20181105_205628.jpg IMG_20181105_205640.jpg
    1917 Type 2 $85 IMG_20181105_205713_1.jpg IMG_20181105_205723.jpg
    1917 D Type 2 (reverse die crack) $135 IMG_20181105_205753.jpg IMG_20181105_205808.jpg
    1918 Type 2 $40 IMG_20181105_205841.jpg IMG_20181105_205850.jpg
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