U.S. State Quarter Errors/Varieties?

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by Hin, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. bhp3rd

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    Extra boring, tiring and time consuming to avoid!

    Extra boring, tiring and time consuming to avoid!

    They all have that in common.
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  3. coinsrcool

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    There's the extra cactus leaf one. It's partially covering the initials.

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  4. coinsrcool

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    sorry :( accidentaly posted that twice
  5. rockdude

    rockdude Coin Collector

    The term 'extra leaf' belongs to the Wisconsin Quarter. This looks like the Arizona Quarter die chip.
  6. cti4sw

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    There are a few...

    Delaware - "Spitting Horse" (die crack emanating from horse's mouth)
    Pennsylvania - rotation error
    Georgia - letters on reverse are filled in
    Connecticut - die cracks

    New Hampshire - letters on reverse are filled in
    South Carolina - grease errors on reverse
    California - "moon" (round die crack over mountain)

    Also, supposedly there are more Ohio-Ds than Ohio-Ps because the Philadelphia mint was "shut down" for a period of time during Ohio's minting. Not sure how true this is.

    There are also linear die cracks to be found on all of them, I'm sure, as well as the grease fill-ins and letter cracks. Any new design will show errors as the mint's engravers work to improve the design against these flaws. True errors are double-stamps (called "doubled die"), laminations (layers of metal peel off due to air pockets in the alloy), waffles (mint cancellations), and other non-design flaws. Look them up on eBay for best results.
  7. Doeppe

    Doeppe New Member

    Other errors I have found

    On a 2008P Arizona state quarter the bottom part of the "B" in liberty is filled in, and on a 2003P Maine quarter the bottom of the "B" in liberty is filled in and not with gunk it's definitely the same color metal as the coin. It's not a huge error but I have been to tons of pages and nobody mentions it says errors like that are not suppose to happen on the quarters after 1996-97 because of more technologically advanced equipment that is suppose to prevent these types of errors. Anyone else seen this in their state quarters? I believe it's a strike through right? Closest thing I could find to being what they are. Thanks
  8. Doeppe

    Doeppe New Member

    Mine has the extra cactus leaf but also has the top of the "B" in liberty on the obverse filled in pretty neat 2 different errors on one coin
  9. i have found a couple different quarters that have the E in "We" to be lass prominent then the W next to it, can anyone confirm this suspicion or just my eyes playing tricks on me?
  10. The Beatles

    The Beatles Member

    Pics are always best, but from what I'm thinking of it sounds like it was struck-through grease.
  11. jay4202472000

    jay4202472000 Well-Known Member

    John Wexler has a great site with lots of pics on the majority of the state doubled dies. Here is the link http://doubleddie.com/179401.html.

    I also discovered this major trail die on a Nebraska listed as 2006P-25DEO-002T & 2006P-25DER-001T(NE) on traildies.com

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  12. are struck through grease errors not as sought after as the doubled die and lamination errors ? ive been looking for some of these more visible struck through grease errors in the state quarters but if its more or less pointless ill stop
  13. rascal

    rascal Well-Known Member

    most of the coins mentioned in this thread are only coins from chipped or scratched dies and probably will never be worth very much . there are some real doubled die quarters in the state quarters like the Minnesota extra tree DDR coins and the Oregon DDR doubled dies and a few others. the ones with the real die doubling is the ones that should go up in value as they get some age on them.only time will tell
  14. thank you rascal, i am having fun just finding the minor errors even without them having any value. but i have been keeping my eyes out on the extra trees and leaves on a couple, thanks again. still hunting!
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