U.S. Error Coins; No "Varieties" Please

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  1. JCro57

    JCro57 Making Errors Great Again

    Most interested in all of the following; please, no damaged, cleaned, or scratched coins that would be labeled as details; I prefer AU or better for items before 1965 and MS quality for everything on or after:

    A. Unstruck blanks/planchets
    B. Double denomimations (ex: a coin stamped by a nickel and a dime with features of both)
    C. 30% minimum Off-centers with dates
    D. Wrong metal errors (Lincoln cent stamped on a dime planchet)
    E. Double/multiple strikes
    F. Plating Errors (ex: unplated copper cents, improperly annealed, sintered planchet)
    G. Wrong stock errors (a dime that is the right size planchet, but struck on the wrong metal).

    Please, no lamination errors, die caps, doubled dies, die cracks, VAMs, grease filled dies, missing edge lettering on modern dollars, .

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