Ebay: Two Siliquae, two Antoniniani, and an Uncia

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    Hi everyone! Letting go of a few more coins. This week I've got a rare Justinian half-siliqua struck at Ravenna with Chi-Rho reverse, a siliqua of Constantius II with Victory standing reverse, a Gordian III antoninianus with Apollo seated reverse, a Probus silvered antoninianus with Jupiter on the reverse, and a (holed) Roman Republic AE uncia from the time of Hannibal's invasion of Italy. The siliquae and the uncia are in fair shape and would make good budget examples of these types, while the antoniniani are well-preserved, especially the Probus which has practically all of its silvered surfaces.

    Auctions start at $0.99 (99 cents), and run 7 days until the 19th, and all end between 9 and 10:10 PM EST. I ship to countries outside of the US as well (although make sure your country allows for the importation of ancient coins). If you'd like an upgraded shipping service please let me know before paying to adjust your total. I combine shipping for no extra cost. Any questions please message me. Thanks for looking!

    Justinian half-siliqua (end time 9:00 PM EST, 8/26)


    Constantius II siliqua (end time 9:15 PM EST, 8/26)


    Roman Republic uncia (end time 10:00 PM EST, 8/26)


    Probus antoninianus (end time 10:05 PM EST 8/26)


    Gordian III antoninianus (end time 10:10 PM EST 8/26)


    (apologies for the odd spacing out of the auctions; I had forgotten eBay's time is set to PST and I only realized the scheduling mistakes I made for the last two auctions, so those I hastily had to set for a little later than I wanted to, otherwise they'd end 3 hours later than I would have wanted)

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