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    I'm getting deeper and deeper into Sasanian drahms (/drachms /proto dirhams). Here are the two latest acquisitions. Right, while trying, very belatedly, to catch up with the history, which is fascinating, especially for the remarkable cultural pluralism involved. Evoking earlier phases of the Roman empire, along with the Islamic Caliphates, early phases of the Spanish reconquista (11th-12th c.s) ...and what am I forgetting, besides a whole lot?
    The earlier reign is key, for one instance, to the late phases of the nominally united Roman Empire. The other one is exceptional for the clarity of the legends (which I only wish I could even transliterate), along with being kind of crazy late for the whole series, on the eve of the conquest by the Rashidun Caliphate. I'm lifting part of the dealer's description. (Pars Coins, on VAuctions --solid folk.)
    Peroz. Second Crown. 457/9-484 CE. AR drahm /drachm (4.13 gm; 28 mm). BBA (Court at Ctesiphon) mint, year 6. Bust right, wearing mural crown with frontal crescent, korymbos set on crescent, and rear merlon / Fire altar with ribbons; flanked by two attendants; star and crescent flanking flames. SNS type IIa/1e (pl. 88, A38); Göbl type II/1; Saeedi -; Sunrise 944var.
    Then there's this, kind of amazing example of Varhran VI. Especially in reference to the 5th and 6th c.s CE, the portrait is a shadow its former, stylized but no less detailed self. --This is where you have to see this latest thread by @Parthicus, whether for the first time or not.
    Varhran /Bahram VI (Chubin). 631-632 CE. AR drahm /drachm (4.10 gm; 31 mm). Mint: WYHC (Ctesiphon region) 0r VISP (Visp Sad Khosrau-Ctesiphon region), year: 1. Crowned bust right / Fire altar flanked by attendents; star and crescent above. Gobl I/1.
    Back to this, there's 'ghosting' on the reverse, which can't help reminding me of European coins from the 10th -13th centuries, but the module and heft are still pretty impressive. And the legends --which I only wish I could even transliterate-- are pretty exceptional.
    For those of us who are kind of stuck seeing various Semitic and Central Asian languages (and scripts) as an otherwise incomprehensible joy and delight, the best I can tell you is that enough is happening on the operant esthetic levels to make it worth the ride.
    For Peroz, in particular, primarily from a military and, what, Romanocentric perspective, I can cheerfully recommend Peter Crawford's recent biography of the emperor Zeno (2019). He gives Peroz eight continuous pages. Thin on the ground as anything about the Sasanians is, simultaneously in print and in English, this is helping to amplify what Touraj Daryaee has to say in his overview.
    ...Well, Yeah, so given the recent, often amazingly erudite posts (<--that is Guaranteed 100% Hyperbole Free) that have gone up lately, does anyone want to post any more Sasanians? Observatons on any of the history would be no less keenly appreciated.
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  3. Mat

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    Very nice additions and write up.

    No Bahram VI for me.

    Peroz (459 - 484 A.D.)
    AR Drachm
    O: Crowned bust right, crescent on forehead.
    R: Fire altar with attendants and ribbon, star and crescent flanking flames; “Peroz” in Pahlavi to left, mint to right.
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  4. Spaniard

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    @+VGO.DVCKS.....Nice coins!.....Glad to see others interested in Sassanian coinage!
    Here's my Peroz...
    Peroz I (459-484 AD) 25.6mm / 4.05gr Silver Drachm.
    Obverse- Crowned and cuirassed bust of Peroz right, ribbons rising from shoulders, Degraded Pahlavi legend.
    Reverse- Fire altar decorated with ribbons, attendants standing either side, star left of flames, crescent at right, 'PEROZ' in Pahlavi on left, mint 'WH' right.....Mint Veh Ardashir.

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    +VGO.DVCKS Well-Known Member

    Solid ones, @Mat and @Spaniard. Not to mention your admirable facility with the legends.
    ...Here's what I want to do. I want to one day be able to transliterate Pahlavi ...and Hebrew, and Ge'ez, and Arabic, in any order. Like the 'Coin Greek' and 'Coin Latin' I have; at least to pick out dates, titles and proper names.
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  6. Al Kowsky

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    Great score :happy:. The Peroz drachm is a beauty :cool:.
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  7. Darius590

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    The Palavi alphabet is online. Also in Goebl if memory serves.
    The name "Peroz" actually isn't on the reverse left of the attendant. Only a large letter mem that probably stands for the Persian word for king and refers to the attendant as being the king who in this instance is Peroz.
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  8. GinoLR

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    normal_Sass5.jpg Peroz, dirham

    Peroz again.

    Only specialists could tell from which mints they are !
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    +VGO.DVCKS Well-Known Member

    Golly, Thanks, @Al Kowsky. Gee whiz.
    @Darius590, the 1990 edition of Gobl doesn't have the whole alphabet ...relieving me of some serious potential embarrassment! He does comment briefly on the ambiguities of the paleography, though, along the same general lines in which you're demonstrably fluent. ...And Of Course it's online!
    @GinoLR, I especially like your top one of Peroz. THat portrait has some serious attitude. It's really striking how some of the portraits can admit of this level of stereotypically 'eastern' stylization, and still be so expressive. ...Along with the remarkable, elaborate variations of the crowns, denoting the different rulers. --Just in case their identitities don't otherwise leap out at you.
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  10. Spaniard

    Spaniard Supporter! Supporter

    @GinoLR ...Your coins look to be...
    1st coin is GW
    2nd coin is AW
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  11. +VGO.DVCKS

    +VGO.DVCKS Well-Known Member

    Yes!!! Cavalry to the rescue! :<}
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