Two adjacent lots from the Mabbott collection meet again after 52 years!

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Factor, Feb 25, 2021.

  1. Factor

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    Today I have learned that few of my coins have in fact very interesting provenance, they originate from the Thomas Ollive Mabbott collection which was auctioned back in 1969. Most of them came from the same group lot I picked up at CNG a few years ago, but others came from other sources. Interestingly, two of them were sold back to back:
    Mabbott coll.GIF

    Here is their description from the sale catalogue:
    Mabbott coll text.GIF
    I got the Joppa coin in a group lot from CNG (well, it was actually the reason I bought this lot to begin with), while Neapolis coin spent few years in Frank Sternberg's stock and then in a US collection before it landed in my hands last summer:
    20210225_182131.jpg 20210225_182154.jpg

    I looked at the prices realized by the way, and was blown away by the numbers. Most of these city coins, probably with the exception of the best quality ones, will not bring same numbers on today's market, even without inflation adjustment, and with the adjustment it will be an order of magnitude loss on investment, if not more than that.

    Show your coins from old collections that are reunited again!
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  3. dougsmit

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    I only know of one Mabbot coin (lot 4126) in my collection and do not own the catalog to check if the seller (Stacks, 1994) was correct.
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  4. brandon spiegel

    brandon spiegel Brandon Spiegel

    Thats interesting!! How did you find out about the auction?
  5. Factor

    Factor Well-Known Member

  6. dltsrq

    dltsrq Grumpy Old Man

    The Mabbott 'Roman World' auction catalog is one of the few reference works I had as a teen in the 1970s. I still enjoy leafing through it from time to time!
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  7. abc123

    abc123 Active Member

    Hi Doug,

    The coin you posted appeared as Lot 4126 in the October 27-29, 1969 Schulman Gallery Auction of the Mabbott Collection (Roman coins). Attached are relevant images of the catalog description and plate image which is a clear match to your coin. Here is a link to the catalog at the Newman Numismatic Portal.

    Schulman 10:27:1969.jpg

    Plate image.jpg

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  8. abc123

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  9. Factor

    Factor Well-Known Member

    Frank Sternberg's tag I have for the Neapolis coin mentions the Mabbott lot number. So I went to the catalogue to see how much did it sell for five decades ago, looked at the picture and - wait a minute, I recognize the coin right before it!
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